Saturday, June 2, 2012

Who do you want in your downline?

After my research about pro’s and con’s of network marketing I kept think about why some people are successful with network marketing but also so many people quit. What’s the difference between success and failure. Will I be one of the people that will be successful or is this the beginning of me quitting as well?

While thinking about this I asked myself another question: Who do I want in my downline? The first answer that came to my mind was people who don’t quit. Then I thought about people who are successful with network marketing. I want to have people in my downline who can build their own business, they have to be creative, independent and most of all they have to achieve success and don’t quit. I can sign up one hundred people who quit after six months or five people who won’t quit until they also have found five people each that will be successful as well.

This tells me two things. First I can’t just tell everybody about my business opportunity and hope they’ll join. Telling my friends is ok but only if they are really interested. The thing about telling them and making sure they’ll sign before leaving is now officially over. The second thing is another question: Where do I find people that are willing to invest the same energy, time and maybe a little bit of money to build their business.

I thought about two things to answer this question. The first thing was Google Adwords. I thought I should advertise for domain registration and for business opportunities. That way I could reach people that were looking for business opportunities or who were looking to register a domain. I also thought about advertising for network marketing and MLM opportunities. I’ll start doing this next Monday and I’ll keep you posted about the effects.

Another thing is joining a forum about network marketing, global domains international or about business opportunities. Here I can learn a lot and maybe I can find people to join forces with. It feels good to have new things to try and to realize maybe I wasn’t on the right track yet. I’m excited and I’ll write about my experiences as soon as possible in my next post.

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