Sunday, June 17, 2012

Looking for vs being found

The trend in network marketing is that you should look for people to join your business opportunity. that’s why people go and tell their story to people around them. Just like I signed my boyfriend and my brother in the first week. In a previous post I’ve asked the question: Who do you want in your downline? To be honest my boyfriend and my brother aren’t the ‘best’ members in my downline. They signed because I’ve convinced them GDI is great but until now they’re doing nothing. The people you want in your downline are the people like yourself. People who won’t give up, people who’ll work hard to build a network marketing business. Where do you find these people? A better question is: How can you make those people find you?

I think this is the power of using the internet to build you network marketing business. You can focus on being found instead of looking for the right people. Put your money, time and energy in building a great website and then making sure the website ends up on the first page in the search results. With proper keyword research you’ll end up on the first page for keywords that are relevant for your business opportunity. People who are actually looking for a MLM business opportunity will find you’re website and sign u with your company. These people are actually looking for opportunity themselves instead of you telling people about it who never asked for it.

This not only makes you invest in the right thing for network marketing success but you also get the right people in your downline. Everybody has the same target and you can learn a lot from each other. The core of why you should focus on being found online is that you can get hundreds of visitors per month and also the kind of customers you want in your business.

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