Monday, June 18, 2012

Building the website

Building a website
I think I’m really on to something! I’m learning a lot from the two guys over at Invendy. Now that they’ve explained to me that keyword research is the first really important thing to do I feel like I missed that step when I sign up with Global Domains International. They say it’s impossible to get to the first page in Google when you’ve chosen the wrong name but I disagree. I read on forums like Wickedfire that it is possible and when I search the web I see all kinds of names and urls on the first age.

However the change of getting on that first page is bigger when I have the wright name. With the right name I mean a name that is often used when searching the internet. That way my website will be found a lot of times and that means a lot of visitors.

They also told me that building a website using a standard website builder isn’t the best way to build a website. The reason for that is that Google can’t read the website because of the different frames often used in website building programs/software. They looked at my current website and they confirm it was the case.

After hearing this I had mixed feelings to be honest. I sign with GDI, they offer free website building but in reality it allows you to build a worthless website. They also told me that a website should be running on Wordpress. When I logged into my account last night I saw that GDI provides plugins for Wordpress. I also read that they are providing this because people where requesting this for the same reasons I have at this time.

Maybe it’s time for me to ask how much it would be to create a real and professional website. Or maybe it’s time to quit? No, not yet.

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