Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My website’s price

Well, I’ve talked to my guys over at Invendy and they gave me a price for building a website in the niche I want. To develop the layout, put it in a Wordpress system, do the proper keyword research and providing the website with articles it would cost me a little under $ 1000,-. That a lot of money but to be honest I was prepared for twice as much. Now the question is will do it? When I started with network marketing I didn’t plan to invest these kinds of money. Actually GDI and Rolution offer you the opportunity to build a business and an income for just $ 10,- or $ 13,- a month. Now it’s not just that anymore.

On the other hand, how am I going to get customers and build my company without a proper website? I’m confused. I want this and I really think I’m on to something here but it’s starting to look like a serious business. If I wanted to invest this kind of money I would never go for a network marketing opportunity.

I asked them how long it would take for me to get to the first page for the keywords ‘Global Domains International’. They told me it was a very competitive niche but within six months it should be possible. Of course getting there wasn’t free as well.

To make a long story short, I asked them to make me an offer for building the website and getting it to the first page in Google for ‘Global Domains International’. They told me they we’re willing to help me with the SEO part and they didn’t necessarily want a profit out of it. Last night I received their offer. For $ 900,- they would build my website including the keyword research and articles and also a free SEO package came with it. I had a cup of coffee and thought about it and an hour ago I called them to say I agree with the price and they could start the process.

I’m excited but also I’m a bit worried/confused if I’m doing the right thing here. Now there’s a lot of money invested and I really want to see that back. Is this the way to become one of the big boys in network marketing? Am I doing the right thing here? Is this what makes the difference between success and failure in MLM? Who knows, for now I’m focusing on learning more about search engine optimization.

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