Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Is SEO still alive?

I’m active on several SEO forums and I’m also following SEO specialists and newsletters. For more than a year it looks like there’re no new answers to Google’s wave of updates. After the Panda and Penguin updates a lot has changed. Before these updates low quality backlinks started to get less valuable or even dangerous for your website. Everybody was focusing on high quality backlinks in the form of web 2.0. Then the social media  became hot in the land of SEO. After that we’ve seen all kinds of varieties with web 2.0, blog comments, social media, tier 1, 2 or even 3 backlinks. I’ve seen it all end unfortunately I’ve tried it all. Last October  my website networkmarketingnew.com got sandbagged. I’m glad to tell you that it’s back in the search results but it took more than three months. What did I do to get it back in the SERP’s? I added new content to the website and that’s really all you can do. Of course you can’t continue to build offsite backlinks since that’s the reason the website got sandbagged in the first place.
That being said, I have been looking for new ways to continue SEO for this website. Of course I’ve been looking for high quality and save ways to do that. No matter what forum or what newsletter, I really don’t see anything new. So I started wondering, is SEO still alive? Or did Google really find an answer to fight SEO techniques? When you’re reading this blog post and you really have an answer please share. Don’t use this post to leave your backlinks, it’s old and it has been done so it isn’t worth anything anymore and also it’s irritating ;).

Monday, January 28, 2013

Google sandbag

I heard about Google sandbag and I always kept in mind that my SEO should by high quality to prevent my websites from beeing ‘sandbagged’. Unfortunately three of my website have been sandbagged the last four months! Why? Nobody knows? What can I do about it? Nobody knows. I’ve searched the internet but all I can find is tob e patient and just wait. Personally I think I have to keep adding content to my website so that Google will ad value to it again. I’ll lay low on the off site SEO for a while. 

I’ve had this discussion with people a lot the past few months. Is SEO become harder and harder every month? Yes it is. One year ago linkwheels where the key to success, no wit can cause your website the get sandbagged because Google recognizes these structures now. The problem is that a lot of people have these kinds of links build to their websites already so if your unlucky your website will be hit as well. 

I’ll expand my websites with new high quality for now. Of course I’ll will share what will happen with you. I really hope my websites will get out of the Google sandbag as soon as possible. Do you have any suggestions? If so, please share.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

When should you buy new adpacks?

When should I buy new adpacks. The answer tot hat is simple, immidiatly after the cut of date when a profitshift is coming. That’s the biggest change your adpacks will most likely fully mature. But when is the next profitshift? Personally I keep buying new adpacks two or three weeks after the cut of date. I prefer a high daily sales amount, let’s say $ 50,- or even $ 100,- daily. 

I’m finding it hard to sop buying ad packs. Especially when I’m waiting for a new profitshit and my current ad packs ar starting to expire. When your used to receive $ 100,- every day it’s hard to just receive $ 30,- because most of your ad packs are expired. Also it’s tempting to keep buying adpacks to get your daily sales profits higher and higher. 

With the migration from just been paid to Profitclicking a lot has happend. The old JSS Trippler positons kept running but on $ 0,10 daily sales profits and then the new ad packs paid $ 0,20. Then the profitshift went wrong and they had to recalculate everything and it’s hard to tell if the profitshift is done by now or that they are still working on it. Also we should have got the converted adpacks already. The panels pay $ 60,- and when you use upgrades you’ll get your money faster but they will pay $ 40,-. Eitherway you’ll make money and you can reïnvest it. 

The reason I’m writing this blog is because I get a lot of questions about what’s going on at Profitclicking and what people should do. I’m just writing this blog and I don’t know what’s going on with Profitclicking anymore then you do. To get information I read the weekly updates in my dashboard. They don’t give a lot of usefull information but it’s straigth from the source so it has tob e true. I’m also in the private profitclicking Facebook group. Here people share their experiences with profitclicking. When daily sales profits are beeing paid people post the date they received it along their profitclicking id number. That way you can see how far they are in the proces. And last but not least in the conference room you can ask questions and also news about profitclicking is shared here.

I suggest you follow and/or join these groups to get all the information you can get. For the rest, all you can do is wait, good things will happen!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

2013: The year of ProfitClinking

I’ve been trying to make money online fors ome years now and I have tob e honest, I havend made that much. Looking back at 2012 Global Domains International is a great opportunity and I’ve made some money wit hit. On the other hand I’ve lost money because Rolution turned out to be a scam. All time, energy and money I’ve put into Rolution was for nothing. Back in july I joined just been paid and by the end of august the website went black and the message showed up that just been paid turned into Profitclicking. There we go again, was the first thing that came to mind. I thought here is another money makning opportunity that disappears end again I loose my money, time end energy I’ve putinto this opportunity. But after more the one month the profitclicking website started to look like it was really turning into an even better website than just been paid. Also I started to follow blogs, social media pages and the conference room for information on what Profitclicking was doing.
Now that the year has ended and 2013 has just begun I’m convinced that Profitclicking will become fully operational in 2013. I also think Profitclicking will be much better than just been paid end i twill be here for the long run. Of course I sometimes doubt if they will get everything back on track just like people are saying in the conference room or on Facebook. I sometimes think about the money they have or maybe the money they don’t have. It would be a great explination for the time it takes to get everything up and running. Also the promotions like adding new money for 3 % makes me think they are looking for new money. But just like they are saying I think  we should think possitive and not panic. Let’s just wait and see how Profitclicking wil become the biggest and the best opportunity to make money online in 2013! For now I wish you all the best for 2013!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

3 % Daily sales profits continu untill januari 15th

Profitclicking continues to give their members 3 % daily sales profits until January 15th. This would be the ideal time to buy new adpacks because they will cycle faster with the 3 % profits. At the end of October 2012 there was the last profitshift so people are wondering when the next will be. Most likely somewhere in February but nobody knows for sure. In the new years member update they announced that the profitshift check was completed so the next profitshift will go a lot faster and without any problems. Also they told us that the PC Panels should be turning up in our dashboards within the next few weeks and you know what that means, more money.
Meanwhile I’ve been thinking about a strategy to use for my Profitclicking earnings. I’ve set my goal, I want to make $ 100,- per day, that’s $ 600,- every week! When I earn that I will continue to invest 50 % to 70 %. I also think it’s good to have some money available to upgrade or to make a withdrawal if needed. I have to say, my first goal was $ 50,- now it’s $ 100,- and most likely my next goal will be $ 200,- or $ 250,-.
Things have been exciting and worrying at the same time with Profitclicking in 2012 and in 2013 still a lot needs to be done. I have the confidence it will turn out all good this year. Justbeenpaid has been around since 2004 starting with the JSS positions and later they added the Trippler positions and so on. August 2012 they turned into Profitclicking and they say they want to continue to be here for the long run just like JBP. I’m confident they will succeed and it’s the number one opportunity to make money online for me right now.
And last but not least, HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!