Wednesday, January 16, 2013

When should you buy new adpacks?

When should I buy new adpacks. The answer tot hat is simple, immidiatly after the cut of date when a profitshift is coming. That’s the biggest change your adpacks will most likely fully mature. But when is the next profitshift? Personally I keep buying new adpacks two or three weeks after the cut of date. I prefer a high daily sales amount, let’s say $ 50,- or even $ 100,- daily. 

I’m finding it hard to sop buying ad packs. Especially when I’m waiting for a new profitshit and my current ad packs ar starting to expire. When your used to receive $ 100,- every day it’s hard to just receive $ 30,- because most of your ad packs are expired. Also it’s tempting to keep buying adpacks to get your daily sales profits higher and higher. 

With the migration from just been paid to Profitclicking a lot has happend. The old JSS Trippler positons kept running but on $ 0,10 daily sales profits and then the new ad packs paid $ 0,20. Then the profitshift went wrong and they had to recalculate everything and it’s hard to tell if the profitshift is done by now or that they are still working on it. Also we should have got the converted adpacks already. The panels pay $ 60,- and when you use upgrades you’ll get your money faster but they will pay $ 40,-. Eitherway you’ll make money and you can reïnvest it. 

The reason I’m writing this blog is because I get a lot of questions about what’s going on at Profitclicking and what people should do. I’m just writing this blog and I don’t know what’s going on with Profitclicking anymore then you do. To get information I read the weekly updates in my dashboard. They don’t give a lot of usefull information but it’s straigth from the source so it has tob e true. I’m also in the private profitclicking Facebook group. Here people share their experiences with profitclicking. When daily sales profits are beeing paid people post the date they received it along their profitclicking id number. That way you can see how far they are in the proces. And last but not least in the conference room you can ask questions and also news about profitclicking is shared here.

I suggest you follow and/or join these groups to get all the information you can get. For the rest, all you can do is wait, good things will happen!

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