Thursday, May 31, 2012

The silent treatment

We’ve talked for two hours, his heart rate was going 150 bpm and he’d call us the next day to tell us he wanted to sign up and he already knew five people to join his business. It sounds too good to be true and so it was. It’s been two weeks and we haven’t spoken to him ever since. For some reason people are finding it hard to disappoint us. Personally I’d have the decency to explain why I changed my mind but for others just giving you the silent treatment is a better solution.

I’m really wondering why people are so enthusiastic and when they leave something happens and they change their minds. Of course me and my brother discussed this. First we were like we shouldn’t let people leave without signing up but then we realized that we were forcing people to sign up that way. It would be like, ‘hey how are you doing, I have something for you’. When they walk into your door they will never leave without being signed to something they maybe never wanted. It’s frustrating that people are interested and then all of the sudden they change their mind but it is their decision.

What’s going wrong here? How can we prevent that people go from positive to negative so fast, even before trying to earn money with the network marketing business opportunity. A better question would be, what changes their mind? There is something to network marketing that people are finding scary. To be honest I was skeptical in the beginning as well. I thought it sounded great but I also thought it was too good to be true. When I took a closer look at some network marketing companies and also read some testimonials and some stories of well know network marketers I started to believe the power of a MLM business opportunity.

Unfortunately we didn’t hear/learn why our friends changed their minds so we have to find the answer to that question elsewhere. Just like I did some research about MLM and about different network marketing companies I’ll do some research for reasons why people quit MLM. I’ll be writing about my conclusions in the next post.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My third sign up!

Don’t worry, I won’t be posting about every sign up but until I get five members I thought it would be interesting to see how I got my sign ups. My first sign up was my brother, my second my boyfriend and now my dad has joined the team as well. The first people that come to mind are the people you know best and the ones you know that are open to try an opportunity like this. My dad is 65 years old and he doesn’t understand the internet that well. Also I don’t think he understands GDI that well but when I asked him he joined our team.

I realize that there are different kinds of people that can join your business. My brother and my boyfriend are thinking of ways to find more and new people to join our network. My dad just joined so he could help us with our project and he believes we can make some money with and for him. I’m happy all of them joined my business but to be honest what I’m really looking for are people that want to join our business and will expand it by them self’s. People with ideas, people with skills and people who know a lot of people or how the reach them. On the other hand, my dad is a new way to reach out to people he knows and those people can be potentially new customers. The difference is that I have to do the work because he simply doesn’t understand the total picture.

I know that the first three people I just sign up are all close friends and relatives so it was easy to tell them about my network marketing opportunity. I think it will be harder to convince people don’t know. Now I’ve also realized that I’m actually looking for people to join my business that are willing to build a business themselves. I need people in my downline just like me, people who want to work hard and who really want to make something out of it.

The next person me and my brother are going to talk to this week is also a friend of both of us. I’ll be doing the talking and he will add information if needed. We want to keep it short and simple. Also we will try to convince him and if he’s interested we want to sign him right away. We’ve made that mistake before and we won’t let that happen again. Also I think this person will have a lot of ideas and people he knows to expand this opportunity. We will update you in a next post afterwards.


We had mixed feelings after this experience. First we were disappointed that we spend almost an hour explaining to him how GDI works and it now looks like he didn’t understand a single part of what we had been saying. To be honest it was a little bit irritating to me. Second of all it was strange that he didn’t contact us at all and then texted us saying he didn’t what to join. The third thing was that he tried to find 5 people so that he could get his 5 in 7 bonus but he didn’t succeed and gave up already. Fourth disappointment was that he said he talked to a lot of people about GDI and they weren’t interested. How can he talk about GDI without signing up first and really knowing what GDI is all about? 

My brother and I know a lot of people who we consider a friend of mine as well as a friend of my brother. We discussed what we should do with those people when we should sign them. The first option is a competitive option. The one who contacts the person first and explains the business opportunity should get the customer. The second option is that we will sign people who we both consider as our friend in the downline of my brother. That way we would both earn money over that sing up. I thought the first option would motivate us but my brother thought of that as unfair so we went with the second option.

We’ve invited a friend who we thought, is interested in making money this way as well. He’s always in for a new opportunity and he likes to think outside of the box. Since I had more experience this far with telling about Global Domains International I started off with my little over ten minutes elevator pitch. This way my brother could learn for the next time he had to tell the story himself. It was a lot of information but he looked like he also understood he could make some money with it. The freedom of filling in your own time and being able to make as much money as you’d prefer seemed interesting to him.

 I noticed he kept talking about selling domain names directly to others and he was already thinking about who he could call to expand his business. I explained that the power of duplication is where the big money comes from but he kept talking about the people he knew and I started questioning if he saw the total picture. After 40 minutes we came to point where we asked him if he would sign with us. He was very enthusiastic but he said he wanted to think about it, talk to his girlfriend about it and also he would call some people to see if he could interest them already for his new network marketing business opportunity. He left and we haven’t heard from him since that day. Last night we’ve got a text massage that he didn’t know anyone who would like to buy a domain name so he didn’t want to sign up.

I think this experience teached us a lot. If we would do this meeting again I would say, are you in or not? Sign with us, give it a try for at least six months and if it doesn’t work out you quit but at least give it try before quitting. Also I would tell him to keep it to himself until he signs and really knows what GDI is all about. The last thing I learned is that I have to keep in mind that if somebody wants to join my business opportunity he or she is more than welcome. If he or she doesn’t, no matter the reason, I have to let it go. I was a little bit irritated about the fact he didn’t understand the business opportunity and he didn’t give it a try but I should let that go, especially because it’s my friend.

Monday, May 28, 2012

My second sign up!

My boyfriend is my second team member. I told him the story in ten minutes. Still that’s a little bit too long I think but I had hi attention all the way. He especially asked about how the system works. He was thinking about how everybody gets paid and how the company still makes a profit. I tried to explain it to him and I think I did a good job but to make it even more clear to him I showed him that part of the video where they explain that. He signed up after that. He had his own credit card. My brother didn’t have a credit card so I paid the first month for him using my own credit card. In the future he will paid with PayPal or he will get his own credit card.

My boyfriend didn’t ask a lot of questions, he was think about possibilities to build our GDI business. He wanted to call some friends right away but I convinced him to first study GDI before telling it to others.

After watching the video and talking to my brother as well my boyfriend came up with a good question. What if people want to sign to our business and we all know that person? Who’s going to get him or her in his downline. For that was a simple question. I would say sign the person to someone in my downline so that they are having the feeling they’re having success as well. After all, we all make money over the new member. That brought us to another idea, when I’ve found 5 members I stop signing new members directly to myself. Every new member will sign up through my downline. That way we are working as a team and everyone will feel successful.

I really think network marketing is teamwork. However I often hear and read stories about people who are just sitting back waiting for others to sign up and not supporting them at all. That’s what happened to me with FLP. After a while I quit because I didn’t know what to do and it wasn’t going the way I was hoping.

Now we’re going to find a third person for our organization. The next person is my best friend I think, she’s always interested in me so I think she wants to hear this.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

My first sign up!

My first pitch went well, I have my first customer! Well it’s my brother so it wasn’t that hard. It took me more than 5 minutes to tell the story. I have to practice to be able to tell it fast and only the things that matter. There was a point in my story where my brother looked at me like, ‘this is a lot of information and I’m not following you right now’.

When I told him I had an opportunity to make money he was all ears. When I told him he could make his own hours, that there was no limit to what he could be making and that he didn’t have to work for all by his own in really had his attention. We talked about it for over two hours and we both realized that finding the first people can be hard. Especially finding the right people, people who are willing to work for it, just like you. But when you’ve found let’s say 5 people who are willing to achieve the same goal as you, you can start focusing on helping them. After that you can still help the new members but you can also focus on making sure the new members can train new members as well. There is a point when your MLM business growing even when you’re not doing anything. GDI calls it the power of duplication. Making money on autopilot is actually what happens then.

There was one question he asked me that I didn’t know the answer to and it was: network marketing, isn’t that a pyramid scheme? I told him it was not but I don’t know why he thought that. I’ll look up that question on the internet and I’ll write about in one of my next posts.

My next victim (I’m joking) is my boyfriend. I think he’s interested in making some extra money as well. I’ll try to keep my story short and come to the point as soon as possible. In the mean while I asked my brother to watch the GDI introduction video, discover his account and I asked him to make a list of things he thinks are possibilities to find new members, expand our business and actions that need to be made. It feels great o not having to work all by myself.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

How to start?

Now that I’ve made my choice I can begin building my business but where should I begin? To be honest I really don’t know. I know you’d expect this post to be about me telling you what steps you should take but I don’t know yet. The first thing I’m going to do is tell some people around me, friends, family and other people I know about my network marketing business opportunity. I think I know some people that are interested in this kind of opportunity. On the other hand I also know people who will say I’m crazy and I should find a ‘real job’. I think everyone knows who to go to and who not to.

How to tell your story?

I’ve been ready a lot about GDI past week and I think I know a lot about it. Questions I had, I’ve found the answer to. For example I was wondering where the money was coming from but now I know. It’s important to be able to answer the questions people ask you when you tell about your amazing opportunity. If you don’t know the answer they could doubt the opportunity or your story. Also I think you should have some kind of an elevator pitch. For those who don’t know what an elevator pitch is, that’s a story in 30 seconds to a minute about you and your product or service. Business men use it a lot. You have to be able to convince someone that they should work with you and that you the best. I think to tell the necessary information about GDI you should be able to do that in 5 minutes. People don’t need to know everything right away, just tell them the most important things like:

  1. What’s GDI
  2. What’s in it for them
  3. What do they get
  4. How can they make money with it
  5. When can they start
  6. Tell them you will be on the same team

Maybe I’m forgetting something or maybe something in this list isn’t important but only time will tell. After every pitch I will evaluate how it went and what I can do better next time. Of course I will post about it on this blog.

Personally I prefer talking to one person at a time so that he or she listens to me and won’t be influenced by others. I’ve seen with FLP that when you have 5 people in a room and 4 are ready to sign up and one person is skeptical and negative about it, no one signs up. Mostly they say, I’ll wait and see how you’re doing and then I’ll join later (which means never). With GDI I’ll go with one on one. I’ll try to tell the story in 5 minutes or less, answer all questions someone has and then I’ll try to sign the person right away. My experience is that when people leave and say they’ll think about, the chance of signing becomes smaller.

My goal is to get 5 people in my team as soon as possible and then focus on them to find 5 people as well and so on. I’ll keep you posted.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

I made my decision

I made my decision and I’m proud to tell you all about it. In previous post I’ve explained to you how and why I looked for a network marketing business. Well I did my research, and the proud winner is Global Domains International. Why? Most of all because of the product. It’s a domain name with also promotional materials for your business and a website builder so that even if you’re not an expert you can also build a website.

With Global Domains International you don’t have to purchase products yourself every month, you just pay for you hosting every month. I know that it’s almost the same but I prefer this over having to buy for example a health product to use every month. Didn’t get me wrong, I’m a very healthy person but when it comes to business let’s just all pay our monthly membership and focus on building our businesses.

Like I said before, I was looking for a company that offered something that I could spread online easily. What better to offer online than a domain name and a website builder. Not only can I reach out to people all over the world using the internet I can also build my own Global Domains International website which I can use as a platform to send people to who are interested. This will be the center of my campaign where people can´t find everything they need to know. The best thing is that they can also sign u with Global Domains International through a unique link that each member has. That way I can literally earn money while I´m a sleep.

I can keep typing all night because I´m so excited and I probably will so in a few days I will add a page that explains how Global Domains International or GDI works. If you think you would like to work with another company, go ahead. Personally I don´t think it really matters what kind of MLM company you choose, the goal is the same, expand your network and build your business and income. I think internet marketing is the answer to keep building your business, maybe I´m wrong, maybe I´m right. Let´s how it goes when I get started, just follow my blog and you´ll see what happens. Watch and learn. Do you have another idea? Please let me know, we can all learn from each other.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The foundation

I found several top ten’s and to twenty five’s online. A lot of companies are very popular but for me their product just isn’t suited for the way I want to market it. I also found some additional information on choosing the right company. I would like to add the following things to the list in my previous post:

  1. Transparency: There have to be no secrets. Make sure you know everything about the company.
  2. Global business: You should be able to get distributors worldwide.Costs: How much do you need to pay per month to be a member? 
  3. Training and support: How to start with your new MLM company? Proper training and support will help you and your new members build a network marketing business.
  4. I think I getting to a point where I’m going to decide with which company I’ll go. Using these standards I know that I’m looking for the following:
I need a company that’s been around for a long time and has a proven track record based on reviews and experiences from others who worked with the company already. The product has to be suited to be sold online and also worldwide. Therefor I don’t think I’ll go for a health product since those are often not allowed in all countries and also demonstrating the products can be hard when you don’t have direct contact. The product has to be something that can be used online. I don’t want to pay more than fifteen dollar per month to be a member of the company. And last but not least I really think proper training and support is very important. Not just for me but also for the people that will join my team.

Looking at my criteria I think I’ve found a company but I’ll post about it when I’m sure. I don’t want to make a precipitated decision. I hope you the information I’m giving you right now is useful. I personally think you have to think through every step you make to be able to build a successful business. The things you decide now will be the foundation for the rest of your MLM career.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Making the right choice

What to look for in choosing a network marketing business? Well, I think that’s personal. I’ve worked with FLP in the past and the products they’re selling are very good. A thing I was finding hard was to tell others about the amazing effects and how you almost can’t life without is. Let’s be honest, it are great products but humanity was doing very well without them. In my opinion the product is good but at the end of the day it’s all about making money. I’ve learned the supplements or other health product aren’t my thing with MLM.

There is another important standard for me in choosing the right business. I want to focus on online marketing so it would be great to have a product that is for example digital so that everyone around the world can use it online. That way building a website about the product is a great way to create some kind of a platform. For example the health products ask for the house party’s to explain how it works and to show the products. Personally I hate doing that by the way.

I did some research already and I’ve discovered that there are a lot of MLM companies. The compensation plans vary a little bit but it looks the same in most cases. I’ve compared ten well know companies for this.

Something I’m doing now is looking for reviews and other user experiences for the companies I’m interested in. Like I said before, there are a lot of positive articles about network marketing but also a lot of negative ones. Also the time that the business has been around is a factor that indicates the reliability of a company.

So let’s make a list, where do you need to look for when choosing the right network marketing business:

  1. What kind of a product are they selling and are you able to sell it online?
  2. What do you think about the product? / How do you feel about the product?
  3. How is their compensation plan?
  4. How long has the company been around?
  5. What do people say about the company? (Look for reviews)

When you sum up the answer to these questions I think you can make a good decision. I will make a decision now as well. If you prefer another business then I will come up with in my next post, that’s just fine. I think it’s important that you go for the business you prefer the most based on you own standards. Promoting the product will be the same. In the next period I will try to post as much as possible about getting new prospects, building a website and most of all, making sure people around the world who are looking for a business opportunity just like can find you!

Online guide to success with network marketing

Hello and welcome to my blog about network marketing. Why network marketing? Years ago I’ve worked with Forever Living Products, this was the first MLM company I ever worked with. In the beginning I was more than enthusiastic about the company. Why I looked at the earning system behind it I really thought I could get rich! After six months I quit. Why? To be honest I didn’t know how to expand my company. In the beginning I told about the business opportunity to all my friends, family, my neighbors, friends from friends and even people I didn’t know. I was under the impression that all those people would react to my story just like I did but they didn’t. Instead of being just as enthusiastic about it as me they we’re all like it’s a scam, don’t believe it and must of all don’t bother us with it. I was surprised and sometimes I got a little irritated about it as well. Why wouldn’t anyone listen to my story without judging it right away. And why where they all so skeptical about network marketing?

I started searching the internet and I found a lot of stories of people that where very successful with MLM. I started to think that when I wanted to attract new members for my company I would also spread around positive stories about my business opportunity. I looked up some articles about the other side of network marketing and I discovered that there are just as much negative stories than there are positive stories. I found people that were having the same problems as me and after six months I gave up.

Years after my first experience with network marketing I was looking for ways to make money online. The thought of having a source of income that’s up and running twenty four hours a day, seven days a week and also worldwide is very interesting. In my search I found a lot of different possibilities. I’ve tried some of them but I found out that making a lot of money with it was hard because of the poor compensation plans. That’s when I thought about my network marketing experience years back. With the power over online marketing I could reach out to people all around the world. That would solve my problem I had before of not knowing who to tell about the opportunity anymore.

I realized that I needed help to build my MLM company. I didn’t have that with FLP and that was one of the reasons I quit. This is the reason I’m starting this blog. I want to share my way to becoming successful with network marketing with others so that they can build their own companies as well. At this time I don’t know what opportunities are out there so the first thing I will do is find a company to work with. Soon I’ll give you an update on my search of a good company. After that I will use online marketing to build my company. I will share all my experiences with you so that you can use this blog as a guide to build your own network marketing business.