Tuesday, May 29, 2012


We had mixed feelings after this experience. First we were disappointed that we spend almost an hour explaining to him how GDI works and it now looks like he didn’t understand a single part of what we had been saying. To be honest it was a little bit irritating to me. Second of all it was strange that he didn’t contact us at all and then texted us saying he didn’t what to join. The third thing was that he tried to find 5 people so that he could get his 5 in 7 bonus but he didn’t succeed and gave up already. Fourth disappointment was that he said he talked to a lot of people about GDI and they weren’t interested. How can he talk about GDI without signing up first and really knowing what GDI is all about? 

My brother and I know a lot of people who we consider a friend of mine as well as a friend of my brother. We discussed what we should do with those people when we should sign them. The first option is a competitive option. The one who contacts the person first and explains the business opportunity should get the customer. The second option is that we will sign people who we both consider as our friend in the downline of my brother. That way we would both earn money over that sing up. I thought the first option would motivate us but my brother thought of that as unfair so we went with the second option.

We’ve invited a friend who we thought, is interested in making money this way as well. He’s always in for a new opportunity and he likes to think outside of the box. Since I had more experience this far with telling about Global Domains International I started off with my little over ten minutes elevator pitch. This way my brother could learn for the next time he had to tell the story himself. It was a lot of information but he looked like he also understood he could make some money with it. The freedom of filling in your own time and being able to make as much money as you’d prefer seemed interesting to him.

 I noticed he kept talking about selling domain names directly to others and he was already thinking about who he could call to expand his business. I explained that the power of duplication is where the big money comes from but he kept talking about the people he knew and I started questioning if he saw the total picture. After 40 minutes we came to point where we asked him if he would sign with us. He was very enthusiastic but he said he wanted to think about it, talk to his girlfriend about it and also he would call some people to see if he could interest them already for his new network marketing business opportunity. He left and we haven’t heard from him since that day. Last night we’ve got a text massage that he didn’t know anyone who would like to buy a domain name so he didn’t want to sign up.

I think this experience teached us a lot. If we would do this meeting again I would say, are you in or not? Sign with us, give it a try for at least six months and if it doesn’t work out you quit but at least give it try before quitting. Also I would tell him to keep it to himself until he signs and really knows what GDI is all about. The last thing I learned is that I have to keep in mind that if somebody wants to join my business opportunity he or she is more than welcome. If he or she doesn’t, no matter the reason, I have to let it go. I was a little bit irritated about the fact he didn’t understand the business opportunity and he didn’t give it a try but I should let that go, especially because it’s my friend.

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