Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The foundation

I found several top ten’s and to twenty five’s online. A lot of companies are very popular but for me their product just isn’t suited for the way I want to market it. I also found some additional information on choosing the right company. I would like to add the following things to the list in my previous post:

  1. Transparency: There have to be no secrets. Make sure you know everything about the company.
  2. Global business: You should be able to get distributors worldwide.Costs: How much do you need to pay per month to be a member? 
  3. Training and support: How to start with your new MLM company? Proper training and support will help you and your new members build a network marketing business.
  4. I think I getting to a point where I’m going to decide with which company I’ll go. Using these standards I know that I’m looking for the following:
I need a company that’s been around for a long time and has a proven track record based on reviews and experiences from others who worked with the company already. The product has to be suited to be sold online and also worldwide. Therefor I don’t think I’ll go for a health product since those are often not allowed in all countries and also demonstrating the products can be hard when you don’t have direct contact. The product has to be something that can be used online. I don’t want to pay more than fifteen dollar per month to be a member of the company. And last but not least I really think proper training and support is very important. Not just for me but also for the people that will join my team.

Looking at my criteria I think I’ve found a company but I’ll post about it when I’m sure. I don’t want to make a precipitated decision. I hope you the information I’m giving you right now is useful. I personally think you have to think through every step you make to be able to build a successful business. The things you decide now will be the foundation for the rest of your MLM career.

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