Sunday, May 27, 2012

My first sign up!

My first pitch went well, I have my first customer! Well it’s my brother so it wasn’t that hard. It took me more than 5 minutes to tell the story. I have to practice to be able to tell it fast and only the things that matter. There was a point in my story where my brother looked at me like, ‘this is a lot of information and I’m not following you right now’.

When I told him I had an opportunity to make money he was all ears. When I told him he could make his own hours, that there was no limit to what he could be making and that he didn’t have to work for all by his own in really had his attention. We talked about it for over two hours and we both realized that finding the first people can be hard. Especially finding the right people, people who are willing to work for it, just like you. But when you’ve found let’s say 5 people who are willing to achieve the same goal as you, you can start focusing on helping them. After that you can still help the new members but you can also focus on making sure the new members can train new members as well. There is a point when your MLM business growing even when you’re not doing anything. GDI calls it the power of duplication. Making money on autopilot is actually what happens then.

There was one question he asked me that I didn’t know the answer to and it was: network marketing, isn’t that a pyramid scheme? I told him it was not but I don’t know why he thought that. I’ll look up that question on the internet and I’ll write about in one of my next posts.

My next victim (I’m joking) is my boyfriend. I think he’s interested in making some extra money as well. I’ll try to keep my story short and come to the point as soon as possible. In the mean while I asked my brother to watch the GDI introduction video, discover his account and I asked him to make a list of things he thinks are possibilities to find new members, expand our business and actions that need to be made. It feels great o not having to work all by myself.

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