Monday, May 28, 2012

My second sign up!

My boyfriend is my second team member. I told him the story in ten minutes. Still that’s a little bit too long I think but I had hi attention all the way. He especially asked about how the system works. He was thinking about how everybody gets paid and how the company still makes a profit. I tried to explain it to him and I think I did a good job but to make it even more clear to him I showed him that part of the video where they explain that. He signed up after that. He had his own credit card. My brother didn’t have a credit card so I paid the first month for him using my own credit card. In the future he will paid with PayPal or he will get his own credit card.

My boyfriend didn’t ask a lot of questions, he was think about possibilities to build our GDI business. He wanted to call some friends right away but I convinced him to first study GDI before telling it to others.

After watching the video and talking to my brother as well my boyfriend came up with a good question. What if people want to sign to our business and we all know that person? Who’s going to get him or her in his downline. For that was a simple question. I would say sign the person to someone in my downline so that they are having the feeling they’re having success as well. After all, we all make money over the new member. That brought us to another idea, when I’ve found 5 members I stop signing new members directly to myself. Every new member will sign up through my downline. That way we are working as a team and everyone will feel successful.

I really think network marketing is teamwork. However I often hear and read stories about people who are just sitting back waiting for others to sign up and not supporting them at all. That’s what happened to me with FLP. After a while I quit because I didn’t know what to do and it wasn’t going the way I was hoping.

Now we’re going to find a third person for our organization. The next person is my best friend I think, she’s always interested in me so I think she wants to hear this.

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