Saturday, May 26, 2012

How to start?

Now that I’ve made my choice I can begin building my business but where should I begin? To be honest I really don’t know. I know you’d expect this post to be about me telling you what steps you should take but I don’t know yet. The first thing I’m going to do is tell some people around me, friends, family and other people I know about my network marketing business opportunity. I think I know some people that are interested in this kind of opportunity. On the other hand I also know people who will say I’m crazy and I should find a ‘real job’. I think everyone knows who to go to and who not to.

How to tell your story?

I’ve been ready a lot about GDI past week and I think I know a lot about it. Questions I had, I’ve found the answer to. For example I was wondering where the money was coming from but now I know. It’s important to be able to answer the questions people ask you when you tell about your amazing opportunity. If you don’t know the answer they could doubt the opportunity or your story. Also I think you should have some kind of an elevator pitch. For those who don’t know what an elevator pitch is, that’s a story in 30 seconds to a minute about you and your product or service. Business men use it a lot. You have to be able to convince someone that they should work with you and that you the best. I think to tell the necessary information about GDI you should be able to do that in 5 minutes. People don’t need to know everything right away, just tell them the most important things like:

  1. What’s GDI
  2. What’s in it for them
  3. What do they get
  4. How can they make money with it
  5. When can they start
  6. Tell them you will be on the same team

Maybe I’m forgetting something or maybe something in this list isn’t important but only time will tell. After every pitch I will evaluate how it went and what I can do better next time. Of course I will post about it on this blog.

Personally I prefer talking to one person at a time so that he or she listens to me and won’t be influenced by others. I’ve seen with FLP that when you have 5 people in a room and 4 are ready to sign up and one person is skeptical and negative about it, no one signs up. Mostly they say, I’ll wait and see how you’re doing and then I’ll join later (which means never). With GDI I’ll go with one on one. I’ll try to tell the story in 5 minutes or less, answer all questions someone has and then I’ll try to sign the person right away. My experience is that when people leave and say they’ll think about, the chance of signing becomes smaller.

My goal is to get 5 people in my team as soon as possible and then focus on them to find 5 people as well and so on. I’ll keep you posted.

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