Thursday, May 24, 2012

I made my decision

I made my decision and I’m proud to tell you all about it. In previous post I’ve explained to you how and why I looked for a network marketing business. Well I did my research, and the proud winner is Global Domains International. Why? Most of all because of the product. It’s a domain name with also promotional materials for your business and a website builder so that even if you’re not an expert you can also build a website.

With Global Domains International you don’t have to purchase products yourself every month, you just pay for you hosting every month. I know that it’s almost the same but I prefer this over having to buy for example a health product to use every month. Didn’t get me wrong, I’m a very healthy person but when it comes to business let’s just all pay our monthly membership and focus on building our businesses.

Like I said before, I was looking for a company that offered something that I could spread online easily. What better to offer online than a domain name and a website builder. Not only can I reach out to people all over the world using the internet I can also build my own Global Domains International website which I can use as a platform to send people to who are interested. This will be the center of my campaign where people can´t find everything they need to know. The best thing is that they can also sign u with Global Domains International through a unique link that each member has. That way I can literally earn money while I´m a sleep.

I can keep typing all night because I´m so excited and I probably will so in a few days I will add a page that explains how Global Domains International or GDI works. If you think you would like to work with another company, go ahead. Personally I don´t think it really matters what kind of MLM company you choose, the goal is the same, expand your network and build your business and income. I think internet marketing is the answer to keep building your business, maybe I´m wrong, maybe I´m right. Let´s how it goes when I get started, just follow my blog and you´ll see what happens. Watch and learn. Do you have another idea? Please let me know, we can all learn from each other.

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