Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My third sign up!

Don’t worry, I won’t be posting about every sign up but until I get five members I thought it would be interesting to see how I got my sign ups. My first sign up was my brother, my second my boyfriend and now my dad has joined the team as well. The first people that come to mind are the people you know best and the ones you know that are open to try an opportunity like this. My dad is 65 years old and he doesn’t understand the internet that well. Also I don’t think he understands GDI that well but when I asked him he joined our team.

I realize that there are different kinds of people that can join your business. My brother and my boyfriend are thinking of ways to find more and new people to join our network. My dad just joined so he could help us with our project and he believes we can make some money with and for him. I’m happy all of them joined my business but to be honest what I’m really looking for are people that want to join our business and will expand it by them self’s. People with ideas, people with skills and people who know a lot of people or how the reach them. On the other hand, my dad is a new way to reach out to people he knows and those people can be potentially new customers. The difference is that I have to do the work because he simply doesn’t understand the total picture.

I know that the first three people I just sign up are all close friends and relatives so it was easy to tell them about my network marketing opportunity. I think it will be harder to convince people don’t know. Now I’ve also realized that I’m actually looking for people to join my business that are willing to build a business themselves. I need people in my downline just like me, people who want to work hard and who really want to make something out of it.

The next person me and my brother are going to talk to this week is also a friend of both of us. I’ll be doing the talking and he will add information if needed. We want to keep it short and simple. Also we will try to convince him and if he’s interested we want to sign him right away. We’ve made that mistake before and we won’t let that happen again. Also I think this person will have a lot of ideas and people he knows to expand this opportunity. We will update you in a next post afterwards.

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