Thursday, August 30, 2012

JustBeenPaid restart feature

I’m learning new things about JBP every day and I’ve just learned about their restart feature. There are a lot of programs out there that look a lot like JBP and are called high yield investment programs (HYIP). The problem with these programs is that they offer huge profits but when they can’t pay all their members anymore the programs simply collapse and you lose the money that’s in it.

JustBeenPaid has a solution for this problem and it’s called a restart. What happens is that they restart their system a couple of times per year. That way the can guarantee they can pay all their members. When a restart is taking place all the active positions will end and turn into JSS positions so you won’t be making the full 81 days profit but you’ll still get $ 60,-  for the JSS positions.

Of course it’s not a great idea that your invest can be shut down before making 100% profit or more but in the long run this seems to be necessary to keep the program alive.

The owner Fredrick Mann explains in several articles how he knows about all the programs that make money but eventually run with it. He wants JBP to be a program for many people to make money online.
What do I think. I have to say now that I’ve been following JBP for some time now it gives me a kind of feeling that this is different than a lot of HYIP’s out there. For some reason I trust Frederick Mann and I’ve invested $ 500,- and until now I’m making money. Of course I’ll be writing about JBP more on this blog. If you have any questions please let me know.

Sunday, August 26, 2012


What is JustBeenPaid? JBP is a system that offers you several ways to make money online. The easiest way to make money is by buying JSS Tripler positions. One position costs $ 10,-. For every position you buy you’ll get 2 % profit per day for 81 days. In those 81 days the JBP team can use the money from all members to make the 150% profit. After 81 days your $ 10,- will be $ 15,-. That’s not all. When you have four expired JSS Trippler positions they will then convert into one JSS position. When the JSS matrix fills up you get another $ 60,-.

The great thing about JustBeenPaid is that you don’t have to sell anything and you don’t have to find new members. That one of the difference between JustBeenPaid and Global Domains International. 

I know, it sounds crazy and to be honest I joined JBP six months ago, thinking not that much of it. But when I check my account after more than 81 days I saw that the $ 10,- they gave me for signing up turned into $ 15,-. I was surprised! Immediately I thought what if I would’ve invested $ 100,- or $ 1000,- into this program? Than I would have made $ 150,- or even 1500,- for just buying the positions and waiting until they run out an I would have made 150 % profit. 

Not only is this a fantastic way to make money fast but also it has a good reputation. I started looking around for stories about JBP and about the owner Frederick Mann. The things I found were people who were surprised just like me and who were making money with it. Also Frederick Mann has a great reputation. I descided to invest $ 500,- and up until now it’s running and I’m getting 2 % profit from Monday until Friday and in the weekends I receive 1,5 %. My strategy for now is to buy new positions from the money I earn until I have 100 positions up and running. That way I get $ 20,-  per day and when I’ve earned $ 500,- I’ll take that and that way I can reinvest what I’ve made until then. No matter what happens after that I won’t lose money anymore. 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Knowledge is power

Like some of you already know I’m constantly looking for new information and new ways to expand my businesses online. With the recent discovery of the huge Rolution fraud I’m glad I didn’t put all my eggs in the same basket. For example Global Domains International is still running and therefor my website wasn’t built for nothing. My last post was about getting more YouTube views with TubeExposure. Getting more views is one thing but you can also make money with it when you don’t want to use the point to increase your own views but instead you can exchange them for money. Well, this feature worked for two months but they already pulled it. Why? They say because of people manipulating it but let’s be honest, it’s very easy to solve that problem and the reason is they were giving away too much money. My point here is that when you think you’ve found something to make money with, before you know it, it disappears. When you’ve put money into it that sucks.

I personally think that age is a very important thing when you’re looking for a way to make money online. GDI is almost 15 years around and still they’re doing great. Also searching the internet for experiences and reviews can be helpful.

Four months ago I came across a system called JustBeenPaid. Several forums I’m on have threads with like 50+ pages talking about JBP. I noticed that the experiences of the people who wrote about it where good. In fact they were all a bit skeptical in the beginning but they changed their opinions fast. I subscribed to JBP as well and I watched how my $ 10,- (free) turned into $ 15,- in 81 days. Interesting. Next thing I did was invest $ 100,- and I waited another 81 days.

Want to know how it ended? In my next blog I’ll try to explain what JBP is, how you can make money with it and how it’s different from GDI.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Malware Attack

My site was attack a couple of days ago. I received a massage from Google that they detected malware on my website and that they blocked my website to protect others who are surfing the internet.

My first thought was, what the ***l is malware? Well it is some kind of virus that infects your website. When people visit the website their personal computers can get infected with viruses as well.

How did I get malware on my website? I don’t know. There’re a lot of reasons how malware can get on your website. First I asked the guys who build my website but they are more into SEO so they didn’t know what to do (still that sounds a bit strange but whatever). Then I search the internet for information on how to get my website clean again. To be honest, I didn’t understand a thing people were saying or what I was reading in articles. Then I came across Here I could scan my website for malware and it was free. It showed that indeed my website was infected and it was also blacklisted by Google. I learned that getting blacklisted isn’t a problem right away but if it happens to often or it takes too long to get your website clean again it could mean a decrease in the rankings. Now that’s the opposite of what I’m working on right now so I had to find a solution.

Sucuri asks $ 89,- to clean your website and after that you get free monitoring and if necessary cleaning for a year. Before ordering I looked on several forums to find out what people who knew what to do where asking. I found someone who could do it for $ 50,- but I didn’t know that person wel enough and when I came back I had to pay him again. I decided to go for Sucuri. Within several hours they contacted me that the problem was solved and that it would take less than 10 hours for Google to lift the block on my website. Also communication was great and can really recommend to others who are having these problems.

Like everything else I experience, I also share this with you and I hope it helps you in your process of building a work from home business.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Get more YouTube views (programs)

I’ve found two programs you can use to get more views for your YoutTube videos. Why is this important? That’s easy. Just like it’s important your website gets a lot of visitors it’s also important for you videos. The more vies your videos have the higher it’ll get in the search results on YouTube.

How does it work?

Just create an account with TubeExposure and/or Vagex. Both programs will allow you to watch videos on autopilot. When you go to sleep just let the programs run and earn points to use for you own videos. You can easily add your videos to your account and fill out how many views you want. Just keep the program running when you’re not using your computer and use those earned points to get views for your own videos.

Is this legal?

It’s not illegal. Of course your manipulating the views of your videos but that’s exactly what you’re doing with SEO as well. You’ll be amazed how many videos you’ll see when you let the program run. I always say when others do it and you don’t you’ll lose because they’ll get ore views/visitors and they end up higher in YouTube and in the search result.

Make money

Both programs affer the possibility to make money with it. When you have enough views for your own videos and you’ll let the program run you can ask for a withdraw after getting enough points. You won’t get rich using this program because you need to keep the program running 24/7 for a month to get just $ 10,-. On the other hand, it’s $ 10,- for doing nothing.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Let’s continue

Well, I gave it a thought and actually I’m ready to through in the towel for network marketing. The system doesn’t work the way people say it does. Sponsors don’t care about you and before you know it your spending a lot of money before you notice it’s all a lie. But my new website is just online and I have to keep in mind what my previous idea was with that. My plan was to create a website and try to get it on the first place in Google so that I’d get visitors who are looking for business opportunities on a daily basis. Those people are the people I want t have in my downline and also I don’t have to be telling people who aren’t looking for it every day. Everything I did until now has cost me over $ 3000,- and I’d really like to see that investment back. So let’s continue…

Let’s forget about the Rolution scam. From now on I’ll be focusing on search engine optimization to get my new website and maybe even this blog on the first page in the search engines. Also I’m going to look for other ways to make money online. This way I can start earning back my investment with more than one opportunity. I’ll be share my business opportunities with you on this blog. Do you have a way to make money online? Please share it with me and the other visitors of this blog.

My last posts have been not very positive but I’ll keep them on here. I feel like everybody has to know about scams like Rolution. Like I said before, this blog can be used as a guide to start your own network marketing business and to me it’s a diary.

Last thing I want to say is the fact that Rolution is still signing new members every day. I’m disgusted of the fact that all those people will be losing their money and get scammed like I did. How can we stop scammers like Rolution?!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Game Over Continue?

Really, you don’t have a clue how mad I am about the Rolution scam. The thing is that you put a lot of effort in building your company and promoting business opportunities like Global Domains International and Rolution. When network marketing companies turn out to be a scam all that time is wasted. That’s not all because all the money you’ve put into it is gone as well. For me it’s not just the monthly membership but also the money I’m investing at this moment in the development of a new professional website. It’s situations like these that make me consider quitting.

Looking back at the previous months I have to admit that I spend a lot of time with my GDI and Rolution opportunities. Some websites describe it as building an income for life from home in no time. That’s a lie, that’s simply not possible. I’m starting to think that building a network marketing business is a fulltime job and it takes more than a year to actually start earning money instead of losing it.

Another thing is that I’m really starting to hate network marketing. Especially that fact that people tell you how easy you can create an income for life but in reality it’s even harder than just finishing you education and get a normal job. I’ll keep writing for this blog as long as I see a reason to do so. Now I don’t know if I’ll continue with network marketing. I’ll make up my mind within the next couple of days/weeks and of course I’ll let you know what I’ll do and why.

Monday, August 6, 2012


I’ve been with Rolution for some time now and I’ve managed to get a lot of people to join Rolution as well. I waited to receive my first payment was $ 200,- and when the time came to get paid it turns out Rolution is a huge scam! I’m really mad and also I feel so bad for those who suffer the same loss as me right now.

I’ve invested time and money in the so called Rolution business opportunity but in the and it’s all just a big scam! ROLUTION IS NOT THE SOLUTION!

For those of you who just started folling my blog: This blog is about building an income with a work from home, online business opportunity. The first opportunity we worked with is Global Domains International. This is a great company with a proven track record. Go and look for reviews and experiences abot GDI and you’ll see it’s a legitimate company with happy customers. The only thing you’ll find about GDI that isn’t positive are the stories of people who joined it but didn’t manage to find others to join there company and therefor didn’t manage to build their income for life.

Rolution was a company that looked a lot like GDI but it also had the $ 15,- start bonus. For every person who’d become a member, you’d get $ 15,- right away. It looked like a GDI but just a little bit better. Well now I’m sad to let you know that Rolution isn’t better or even the same as GDI. Rolution is not more but a big scam. 

How do I know Rolution is a scam? Well my earnings reached $ 200,- and I should have got paid. I waited and I waited and nothing happened. After a while I contacted Rolution but I didn’t get any response. I contact them again and again but I never got a response. I also tried to call but the number provided is no longer in use. 

To be sure I searched the internet to see if others were also having these issues and yes, a lot of people are having the same problems with Rolution. My last resort was to contact Tom Leo, my personal sponsor, but he also didn’t respond to any of my emails. I remember when I wasn’t a member jet and I asked him about Rolution, he’d answer all my questions. Now that Rolution seems to be a fraud mister Tom Leo disappeared as well. 

CONCLUSION: Rolution doesn’t exist anymore nut but they are still open for new members. That means they’re still receiving money but they don’t pay you anymore. ROLUTION IS NOT, I REPEAT NOT THE SOLUTION. ROLUTION IS A SCAM AND TOM LEO IS A KON ARTIST. Do not join Rolution anymore!