Friday, August 10, 2012

Game Over Continue?

Really, you don’t have a clue how mad I am about the Rolution scam. The thing is that you put a lot of effort in building your company and promoting business opportunities like Global Domains International and Rolution. When network marketing companies turn out to be a scam all that time is wasted. That’s not all because all the money you’ve put into it is gone as well. For me it’s not just the monthly membership but also the money I’m investing at this moment in the development of a new professional website. It’s situations like these that make me consider quitting.

Looking back at the previous months I have to admit that I spend a lot of time with my GDI and Rolution opportunities. Some websites describe it as building an income for life from home in no time. That’s a lie, that’s simply not possible. I’m starting to think that building a network marketing business is a fulltime job and it takes more than a year to actually start earning money instead of losing it.

Another thing is that I’m really starting to hate network marketing. Especially that fact that people tell you how easy you can create an income for life but in reality it’s even harder than just finishing you education and get a normal job. I’ll keep writing for this blog as long as I see a reason to do so. Now I don’t know if I’ll continue with network marketing. I’ll make up my mind within the next couple of days/weeks and of course I’ll let you know what I’ll do and why.

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