Sunday, August 26, 2012


What is JustBeenPaid? JBP is a system that offers you several ways to make money online. The easiest way to make money is by buying JSS Tripler positions. One position costs $ 10,-. For every position you buy you’ll get 2 % profit per day for 81 days. In those 81 days the JBP team can use the money from all members to make the 150% profit. After 81 days your $ 10,- will be $ 15,-. That’s not all. When you have four expired JSS Trippler positions they will then convert into one JSS position. When the JSS matrix fills up you get another $ 60,-.

The great thing about JustBeenPaid is that you don’t have to sell anything and you don’t have to find new members. That one of the difference between JustBeenPaid and Global Domains International. 

I know, it sounds crazy and to be honest I joined JBP six months ago, thinking not that much of it. But when I check my account after more than 81 days I saw that the $ 10,- they gave me for signing up turned into $ 15,-. I was surprised! Immediately I thought what if I would’ve invested $ 100,- or $ 1000,- into this program? Than I would have made $ 150,- or even 1500,- for just buying the positions and waiting until they run out an I would have made 150 % profit. 

Not only is this a fantastic way to make money fast but also it has a good reputation. I started looking around for stories about JBP and about the owner Frederick Mann. The things I found were people who were surprised just like me and who were making money with it. Also Frederick Mann has a great reputation. I descided to invest $ 500,- and up until now it’s running and I’m getting 2 % profit from Monday until Friday and in the weekends I receive 1,5 %. My strategy for now is to buy new positions from the money I earn until I have 100 positions up and running. That way I get $ 20,-  per day and when I’ve earned $ 500,- I’ll take that and that way I can reinvest what I’ve made until then. No matter what happens after that I won’t lose money anymore. 

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