Friday, August 17, 2012

Get more YouTube views (programs)

I’ve found two programs you can use to get more views for your YoutTube videos. Why is this important? That’s easy. Just like it’s important your website gets a lot of visitors it’s also important for you videos. The more vies your videos have the higher it’ll get in the search results on YouTube.

How does it work?

Just create an account with TubeExposure and/or Vagex. Both programs will allow you to watch videos on autopilot. When you go to sleep just let the programs run and earn points to use for you own videos. You can easily add your videos to your account and fill out how many views you want. Just keep the program running when you’re not using your computer and use those earned points to get views for your own videos.

Is this legal?

It’s not illegal. Of course your manipulating the views of your videos but that’s exactly what you’re doing with SEO as well. You’ll be amazed how many videos you’ll see when you let the program run. I always say when others do it and you don’t you’ll lose because they’ll get ore views/visitors and they end up higher in YouTube and in the search result.

Make money

Both programs affer the possibility to make money with it. When you have enough views for your own videos and you’ll let the program run you can ask for a withdraw after getting enough points. You won’t get rich using this program because you need to keep the program running 24/7 for a month to get just $ 10,-. On the other hand, it’s $ 10,- for doing nothing.

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