Monday, August 6, 2012


I’ve been with Rolution for some time now and I’ve managed to get a lot of people to join Rolution as well. I waited to receive my first payment was $ 200,- and when the time came to get paid it turns out Rolution is a huge scam! I’m really mad and also I feel so bad for those who suffer the same loss as me right now.

I’ve invested time and money in the so called Rolution business opportunity but in the and it’s all just a big scam! ROLUTION IS NOT THE SOLUTION!

For those of you who just started folling my blog: This blog is about building an income with a work from home, online business opportunity. The first opportunity we worked with is Global Domains International. This is a great company with a proven track record. Go and look for reviews and experiences abot GDI and you’ll see it’s a legitimate company with happy customers. The only thing you’ll find about GDI that isn’t positive are the stories of people who joined it but didn’t manage to find others to join there company and therefor didn’t manage to build their income for life.

Rolution was a company that looked a lot like GDI but it also had the $ 15,- start bonus. For every person who’d become a member, you’d get $ 15,- right away. It looked like a GDI but just a little bit better. Well now I’m sad to let you know that Rolution isn’t better or even the same as GDI. Rolution is not more but a big scam. 

How do I know Rolution is a scam? Well my earnings reached $ 200,- and I should have got paid. I waited and I waited and nothing happened. After a while I contacted Rolution but I didn’t get any response. I contact them again and again but I never got a response. I also tried to call but the number provided is no longer in use. 

To be sure I searched the internet to see if others were also having these issues and yes, a lot of people are having the same problems with Rolution. My last resort was to contact Tom Leo, my personal sponsor, but he also didn’t respond to any of my emails. I remember when I wasn’t a member jet and I asked him about Rolution, he’d answer all my questions. Now that Rolution seems to be a fraud mister Tom Leo disappeared as well. 

CONCLUSION: Rolution doesn’t exist anymore nut but they are still open for new members. That means they’re still receiving money but they don’t pay you anymore. ROLUTION IS NOT, I REPEAT NOT THE SOLUTION. ROLUTION IS A SCAM AND TOM LEO IS A KON ARTIST. Do not join Rolution anymore!

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