Sunday, July 29, 2012

After building my first website with the Global Domains Website builder I started to learn more and more about building websites. I discovered that there’re a lot of things you should find out before building a website. For example you have to start with keyword research. Using the Google Keyword tool, we found out that that the following words are great to use because these words are used a lot by people who are looking for business opportunities. The following words are words we want NetworkMarketingNew to be on the first page: 

  • Network marketing 
  • Global Domains International
  • Rolution 

Of course you can pick a lot of different words and even a lot more but to begin with this is what we’ll focus on. Both Rolution and Global Domains International are the names of the companies/offers that are on the website. Network marketing is the system both of these companies are based on and also these words are used very other so it can get a lot of visitors a month when the website is on the first page for that. Don’t wait any longer and go check out the website:

People who are looking for information about these offers should find NetworkMarketingNew and of course the goal is to make them sign up. Therefor the homepage is a well written sales page witch has a ‘call to action’ so that people will sign up right away or look for more information on the website. I’ve also added a video, Twitter and Facebook like box on the homepage. This makes it look more ‘alive’ and it’s a great way to share information as well. 


The second page is the article page. Here people can find articles about ways to build their network marketing business. Over time I’ll write more articles about subject I come up with or about questions visitors ask me. I think people have a lot of the same questions so writing an article about the answer to those questions should be interesting and helpful to others. My goal is to inform people about building a network marketing business. It should be interesting for people to come and visit the website and also share the information on Twitter for example. 

How to start

The third page is about ‘How to start’ a network marketing business. This page contains a step by step guide about the steps you should take to get started fast with your business. I added this page because I think this is a question I think everyone has.

Global Domains International

The fourth page is about Global Domains International. This is the first offer on the website and therefor I think it’s very important to tell people all about it. Also I’ve added the income calculator so that people can get an impression of how much they can earn.

Just like Global Domains International, Rolution is another offer we present on the website. Therefor we have dedicated a page about how Rolution works, what you can earn with it and of course a sign up link. The page is also written as a sales page with a powerful ‘call to action’.


I’ve also added a forum to the website. Here people can share ideas on building a network marketing business and on promoting it. For example subjects like social media, internet marketing, email marketing or video marketing are thinks people can talk about on the forum. With we want to show people how how to build their own business but we don’t have all the answers and therefore we thought a forum would be a great feature so that people can help each other.


Last but not least a contact page is very important. When people use the contact from an email will be send to

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