Saturday, July 21, 2012

GDI vs Rolution income update

I’ve worked with Global Domains International for six months now and three months ago I also joined Rolution. As you know when you’re following this blog both GDI and Rolution are network marketing companies and they both have a product that’s great to market online. GDI has the .ws domain name and the free website builder and Rolution has the vault, an online storage space.

Both companies offer a compensation plan that looks the same on most parts. One of the big differences is the startbonus that Rolution offers. For every person you subscribe you get $ 15,- right away. That’s also the reason why I’m giving you this income update. With GDI I have four members now. None of them managed to sign new customers and to be honest I don’t think they ever will. I thought in the beginning that I had to sign as much people as possible but in reality it’s much more than that. You have to sign those people who are willing to work hard and don’t give up just like I’m doing. The first people I sign I just convinced them to join but they we’re never looking for an opportunity like this. Lesson learned.

With Rolution I have six members now, all through the internet. I think they also signed because of the fact that they are a free member when they manage to sign one person per month. With six people I’ve earned $ 90,- startbonus already. With GDI I’ve earned $ 18,- in twice as much time. With Rolution it’s time for me to ask for my first payment, I’m excited. This wil be my first payment from my network marketing company and all members I found on the internet. For me that’s a good sign that my theory might be right about combining internet marketing and network marketing.

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