Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Network marketing and Twitter

For those who are following this blog for some time now, we think the key to success with network marketing is to use the internet to let others who are interested in a MLM business opportunity find you. One of the things that you can use is Twitter. Every day we use social media and every athlete, actor, singer, politician, tv show and so on are on one or more social media. For now we want to explain to you how Twitter works and you can use it for your network marketing business.

What is Twitter?

You probably know the name and some of you may already have an account. Twitter is a kind of social media but it’s a little bit different from others. With Twitter you can send short massages, some call it mini blogging. When you Twitter about last night’s America’s next top model show other people who are looking for information about that can see you message. Also if you look for That way you can find people who might be interesting to follow. It’s also possible people will start following you because they think your interesting. This is different from Facebook where you can only see what your friends are doing and connecting to other, unknown people is a lot harder. Also the kind of information is different.

How to use Twitter for your network marketing business 

 Now you’re thinking, how can I use Twitter for my MLM business? Signing up and opening an account is the first thing you should do. When you create a username I’d recommend to go for a name with the words MLM or network marketing in it. That way people who are looking for people or information about network marketing will find you more easy. Just like every other website you have to fill out the registration form and you have to create a profile. In the profile you can put a link to you website, share photo’s, video’s and tell something about yourself. Then you start Tweeting about your experiences with network marketing. When you’re active on Twitter people will find you and start following you. You can also look for people to follow, often they follow you back.

It’s hard to express in numbers what Twitter really offers you and your business. Social media is very hot right now so I’d suggest that every company should be active on different kinds of social media, also you and your MLM business. Don’t wait, start today and discover what you can do with Twitter.

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