Wednesday, July 25, 2012

How to identify a Network marketing pitch

I have to say now that I’m talking to others about network marketing it’s starting to sound a lot like each other. When everybody uses the same one-liners and the same stories to talk about their network marketing product we are all destroying our businesses. Here are some of the things I hear a lot.

I was in dept and network marketing changed my life…

Come on, seriously. I’ve talked to maybe one hundred people who were in dept and they resolved all there problems with network marketing. How stupid do you think we are? This is probably the most heard emotional reason why people joined a network marketing company and also the dumbest. When people start talking to me and they bring up this story I interrupt them and say, wait a minute, cut the crap and cut to the point. Seriously, it’s insulting how dumb network marketers think people are.

I had no energy but when I started using this product my life changed…

Really, again a life changer?! Get out of here. Let’s face it aloe vera or whatever kind of supplement is ok but it’s not like we can’t live without it. Sometimes it sound like a magic drink or something but in reality it’s just one of the millions of other drinks out there. Stop telling people how magnificent something is, stop lying. It’s about making money not about the products. Again, how stupid do you thing we are?! Network marketing is about making money no more no less.

I’ve been doing this for years, I quit my job and I’m having a passive income now… 

No you’re not! You´re lying again! You´re working hard, real hard, extremely hard to build you MLM company. No one want´s to join your company because network marketing has a bad reputation and you´re experiencing now why it has such a bad reputation. You´re lying to sign new people to your business. What are you doing? Get a real job! Everybody wishes they’d have a passive income but no one succeeds. I mean ‘passive income’, what is that? Getting money without doing anything. You’re selling a lie. 

Come on people, we’re working hard but we have to stay true to ourselves and to others. Stop copying the stupid pitches you hear from you sponsor who’s already lying to you. Find out how to build your business for real. Share your experiences and let’s stop ruining network marketing any further.

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