Monday, July 9, 2012

The startbonus from Rolution

I got my first sign ups with Rolution and I have to say, the startbonus is great! I got four sign ups until now, all online. With the startbonus I’ve earned 4 x $ 15,- = $ 60,-. That’s right, I’ve earned more with Rolution than I did with Global Domains International in over four months. Does this make Rolution better, more powerful than GDI? No, I don’t think so because there’s also something I miss with Rolution.

The startbonus is great but I would love to see more support and and a way more professional look. Often I get questions about Rolution and that I don’t get about GDI. For example people ask me if Rolution is legitimate and if I can show some proof. Unfortunately I can’t show them an impressive downline or my first payment. Looking at the site I understand that people think it looks a bit suspicious.

I’ve contacted Rolution’s customer support and talked to someone who didn’t speak English. Well knew a couple of words but she was unable to answer my questions. To me that’s very unprofessional. When I have to answer the question if GDI or Rolution is the best business opportunity I’d say Rolution has the startbonus and that’s fantastic. But looking at the total picture I have to say GDI has a better presentation, reputation and it offers a lot more professional tools and support which is very important with network marketing.

What do you think? Startbonus vs Professionalism? Please contact me by using the contact page or Twitter.

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