Thursday, July 19, 2012

Twitter tools

Using Twitter to find people that can help you build your network marketing business can be great. Also to share information you have about your experiences can be interesting for others so that they’ll find and follow you.

When you’re on the computer all day it’s easy to keep your Twitter account open in one of the windows. When you find something interesting or when you think about something you can easily Tweet it. But when you’re not on the computer how are you going to memorize the things you come up with?

Smartphone app

These days almost everyone has smartphone and on there you probably have Twitter, Facebook and much more. When you’re using Twitter for your business you have to get the Twitter app. It has all the same features as the internet/computer version and now you can really Twitter from everywhere all the time.

Twitter integration

We’ve also talked about building Linkwheels and using wiki’s, web 2.0’s and properties to do so. All these websites have Twitter integration. That way when you write and publish an article you can share it right away on Twitter. Twitter is really everywhere, often you can even sign in with your Twitter account and you can start right away.

Hootsuite, Twitter on autopilot 

There is another way to make sure you Tweet frequently. Hootsuite allows you to program your Tweets. It’s not recommended that you program all your Tweets a year in advance because you have to be interesting and relevant for the time you Tweet it but it can be of help. Planning the weekly Tweets with you affiliate link in it can be useful. Also you can program a lot of useful links and information about network marketing a couple of months ahead. That way you’ll stay active on Twitter even when you forget or just don’t have the time. 

Get more followers, for free

Last but not least, there are tools so that you will get more followers. An example is when you connect the tool to your Twitter account you’ll get 50 followers in 24 hours. You can do this a couple of times to make your account grow in the beginning. It’s just to make it look like you have some followers already but you won’t get the followers you eventually need.

Using Twitter can be made more easy but also more affective using these tools.

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