ProfitClicking is the best money making opportunity online today! For years people made money with JustBeenPaid and now that turned into ProfitClicking and became even better.

How does it work?

Easy! Just sign up, buy adpacks, view 3 website a day and earn 150 % in 88 days! That’s all. An adpacks costs $ 10,- and it runs for 88 days getting you $ 0,20 weekdays and 0,10 in the weekends. In the end you earn $ 15,- per adpack. You can buy as much adpacks as you want. O, and that’s not all. When 4 of you adpacks expire they turn into a Panel witch gives you $ 60,- when it’s complete. All you have to do is view 3 websites a day to earn money. You don’t need to find referrals or anything. Of course when you do you get even more money. Interested? Sign up and get you free $ 10,- to buy your first adpack and start making money with ProfitClicking!

Where does the money come from? 

ProfitClicking has a lot of members and its possible to show your website to all these people. It’s like Google adwords but with Profitclicking we get paid for watching the websites. Also experts use the money to invest to be able to pay us our 150 %. Where else do you get 150 % in 88 days? 

View 3 websites a day

You need to view 3 websites a day. Don’t got time for that? No problem, you can view more websites for the days you won’t be able to watch them. In your dashboard you can simply click view websites and you’ll get to see websites for 20 seconds. After that just click on view next and on the left you can see how many websites you watch for that day. In your dashboard you can see how many websites you’ve viewed in total.

JustBeenPaid turns into Profitclicking
Since 2004 JustBeenPaid has made it possible for people to really earn money online. First there were the Matrixes and then came the JSS tripler positions. With ProfitClicking it’s called Panels and adpacks. Over the years many other programs came and went like snow for the sun but JustBeenPaid turned into ProfitClicking because they are here to stay. There were some legal issues that have been solved with the new website/system. Also JustBeenPaid and ProfitClicking use the so called restart feature. A few times a year the system restarts. That way they can always guarantee that they can pay their members and unlike other programs they will not disappear. 

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