Sunday, July 29, 2012

After building my first website with the Global Domains Website builder I started to learn more and more about building websites. I discovered that there’re a lot of things you should find out before building a website. For example you have to start with keyword research. Using the Google Keyword tool, we found out that that the following words are great to use because these words are used a lot by people who are looking for business opportunities. The following words are words we want NetworkMarketingNew to be on the first page: 

  • Network marketing 
  • Global Domains International
  • Rolution 

Of course you can pick a lot of different words and even a lot more but to begin with this is what we’ll focus on. Both Rolution and Global Domains International are the names of the companies/offers that are on the website. Network marketing is the system both of these companies are based on and also these words are used very other so it can get a lot of visitors a month when the website is on the first page for that. Don’t wait any longer and go check out the website:

People who are looking for information about these offers should find NetworkMarketingNew and of course the goal is to make them sign up. Therefor the homepage is a well written sales page witch has a ‘call to action’ so that people will sign up right away or look for more information on the website. I’ve also added a video, Twitter and Facebook like box on the homepage. This makes it look more ‘alive’ and it’s a great way to share information as well. 


The second page is the article page. Here people can find articles about ways to build their network marketing business. Over time I’ll write more articles about subject I come up with or about questions visitors ask me. I think people have a lot of the same questions so writing an article about the answer to those questions should be interesting and helpful to others. My goal is to inform people about building a network marketing business. It should be interesting for people to come and visit the website and also share the information on Twitter for example. 

How to start

The third page is about ‘How to start’ a network marketing business. This page contains a step by step guide about the steps you should take to get started fast with your business. I added this page because I think this is a question I think everyone has.

Global Domains International

The fourth page is about Global Domains International. This is the first offer on the website and therefor I think it’s very important to tell people all about it. Also I’ve added the income calculator so that people can get an impression of how much they can earn.

Just like Global Domains International, Rolution is another offer we present on the website. Therefor we have dedicated a page about how Rolution works, what you can earn with it and of course a sign up link. The page is also written as a sales page with a powerful ‘call to action’.


I’ve also added a forum to the website. Here people can share ideas on building a network marketing business and on promoting it. For example subjects like social media, internet marketing, email marketing or video marketing are thinks people can talk about on the forum. With we want to show people how how to build their own business but we don’t have all the answers and therefore we thought a forum would be a great feature so that people can help each other.


Last but not least a contact page is very important. When people use the contact from an email will be send to

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

How to identify a Network marketing pitch

I have to say now that I’m talking to others about network marketing it’s starting to sound a lot like each other. When everybody uses the same one-liners and the same stories to talk about their network marketing product we are all destroying our businesses. Here are some of the things I hear a lot.

I was in dept and network marketing changed my life…

Come on, seriously. I’ve talked to maybe one hundred people who were in dept and they resolved all there problems with network marketing. How stupid do you think we are? This is probably the most heard emotional reason why people joined a network marketing company and also the dumbest. When people start talking to me and they bring up this story I interrupt them and say, wait a minute, cut the crap and cut to the point. Seriously, it’s insulting how dumb network marketers think people are.

I had no energy but when I started using this product my life changed…

Really, again a life changer?! Get out of here. Let’s face it aloe vera or whatever kind of supplement is ok but it’s not like we can’t live without it. Sometimes it sound like a magic drink or something but in reality it’s just one of the millions of other drinks out there. Stop telling people how magnificent something is, stop lying. It’s about making money not about the products. Again, how stupid do you thing we are?! Network marketing is about making money no more no less.

I’ve been doing this for years, I quit my job and I’m having a passive income now… 

No you’re not! You´re lying again! You´re working hard, real hard, extremely hard to build you MLM company. No one want´s to join your company because network marketing has a bad reputation and you´re experiencing now why it has such a bad reputation. You´re lying to sign new people to your business. What are you doing? Get a real job! Everybody wishes they’d have a passive income but no one succeeds. I mean ‘passive income’, what is that? Getting money without doing anything. You’re selling a lie. 

Come on people, we’re working hard but we have to stay true to ourselves and to others. Stop copying the stupid pitches you hear from you sponsor who’s already lying to you. Find out how to build your business for real. Share your experiences and let’s stop ruining network marketing any further.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

GDI vs Rolution income update

I’ve worked with Global Domains International for six months now and three months ago I also joined Rolution. As you know when you’re following this blog both GDI and Rolution are network marketing companies and they both have a product that’s great to market online. GDI has the .ws domain name and the free website builder and Rolution has the vault, an online storage space.

Both companies offer a compensation plan that looks the same on most parts. One of the big differences is the startbonus that Rolution offers. For every person you subscribe you get $ 15,- right away. That’s also the reason why I’m giving you this income update. With GDI I have four members now. None of them managed to sign new customers and to be honest I don’t think they ever will. I thought in the beginning that I had to sign as much people as possible but in reality it’s much more than that. You have to sign those people who are willing to work hard and don’t give up just like I’m doing. The first people I sign I just convinced them to join but they we’re never looking for an opportunity like this. Lesson learned.

With Rolution I have six members now, all through the internet. I think they also signed because of the fact that they are a free member when they manage to sign one person per month. With six people I’ve earned $ 90,- startbonus already. With GDI I’ve earned $ 18,- in twice as much time. With Rolution it’s time for me to ask for my first payment, I’m excited. This wil be my first payment from my network marketing company and all members I found on the internet. For me that’s a good sign that my theory might be right about combining internet marketing and network marketing.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Twitter tools

Using Twitter to find people that can help you build your network marketing business can be great. Also to share information you have about your experiences can be interesting for others so that they’ll find and follow you.

When you’re on the computer all day it’s easy to keep your Twitter account open in one of the windows. When you find something interesting or when you think about something you can easily Tweet it. But when you’re not on the computer how are you going to memorize the things you come up with?

Smartphone app

These days almost everyone has smartphone and on there you probably have Twitter, Facebook and much more. When you’re using Twitter for your business you have to get the Twitter app. It has all the same features as the internet/computer version and now you can really Twitter from everywhere all the time.

Twitter integration

We’ve also talked about building Linkwheels and using wiki’s, web 2.0’s and properties to do so. All these websites have Twitter integration. That way when you write and publish an article you can share it right away on Twitter. Twitter is really everywhere, often you can even sign in with your Twitter account and you can start right away.

Hootsuite, Twitter on autopilot 

There is another way to make sure you Tweet frequently. Hootsuite allows you to program your Tweets. It’s not recommended that you program all your Tweets a year in advance because you have to be interesting and relevant for the time you Tweet it but it can be of help. Planning the weekly Tweets with you affiliate link in it can be useful. Also you can program a lot of useful links and information about network marketing a couple of months ahead. That way you’ll stay active on Twitter even when you forget or just don’t have the time. 

Get more followers, for free

Last but not least, there are tools so that you will get more followers. An example is when you connect the tool to your Twitter account you’ll get 50 followers in 24 hours. You can do this a couple of times to make your account grow in the beginning. It’s just to make it look like you have some followers already but you won’t get the followers you eventually need.

Using Twitter can be made more easy but also more affective using these tools.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Network marketing and Twitter

For those who are following this blog for some time now, we think the key to success with network marketing is to use the internet to let others who are interested in a MLM business opportunity find you. One of the things that you can use is Twitter. Every day we use social media and every athlete, actor, singer, politician, tv show and so on are on one or more social media. For now we want to explain to you how Twitter works and you can use it for your network marketing business.

What is Twitter?

You probably know the name and some of you may already have an account. Twitter is a kind of social media but it’s a little bit different from others. With Twitter you can send short massages, some call it mini blogging. When you Twitter about last night’s America’s next top model show other people who are looking for information about that can see you message. Also if you look for That way you can find people who might be interesting to follow. It’s also possible people will start following you because they think your interesting. This is different from Facebook where you can only see what your friends are doing and connecting to other, unknown people is a lot harder. Also the kind of information is different.

How to use Twitter for your network marketing business 

 Now you’re thinking, how can I use Twitter for my MLM business? Signing up and opening an account is the first thing you should do. When you create a username I’d recommend to go for a name with the words MLM or network marketing in it. That way people who are looking for people or information about network marketing will find you more easy. Just like every other website you have to fill out the registration form and you have to create a profile. In the profile you can put a link to you website, share photo’s, video’s and tell something about yourself. Then you start Tweeting about your experiences with network marketing. When you’re active on Twitter people will find you and start following you. You can also look for people to follow, often they follow you back.

It’s hard to express in numbers what Twitter really offers you and your business. Social media is very hot right now so I’d suggest that every company should be active on different kinds of social media, also you and your MLM business. Don’t wait, start today and discover what you can do with Twitter.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Google updates

In my search for information about search engine optimization I see a lot of topics about updates Google is constantly doing to adjust their search results. I think that it’s a good thing they do but I also understand the panic and frustration from internet marketers when they discover their website(s) are falling down in the rankings all of the sudden. When I look closer to the updates I discover that it’s not a secret what changes. So when it does just look it up and make sure your website and your offsite optimization is doing just what Google wants.

One of the names I see for an update that has been done over 2011 is Google Panda. Now in 2012 the same panic and frustration is there but now it’s about the Google Penguin update. I don’t know what those updates are exactly but it’s something big.

Years ago people would use keywords on their website with the same color of text as the background it’s on. That way they keywords they want to be found for are on their site a lot and Google would like it to the search words people use. Back then it was a method that had effect. Now it still has effect but in a negative way. When Google finds out your doing this your site could be banned or how it’s called, sandbagged. You don’t want that because once your site gets a penalty it’s not that easy to get back from it. 

There for it’s very important to follow what Google’s doing. Thing that work great for SEO right now maybe worthless or even harmful to you website in the future. Personally I think that when you start with SEO you have to focus on high quality. Don’t use easy methods to get a lot of backlinks all in one time but take the time, spread the link building and create a variety of backlinks.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Website content

I contacted Invendy today, the company that’s creating my website and they said things are going well. They asked me what I wanted to put on my website. Now that’s a good question. The first thing I can think of is the home page. There has to be a text on there that will make people want to look further, or better, sign up right away. There for I order an article about 1000 words that has to make customers want to know more about my network marketing business opportunities. I think I’ll also add a video and social media on the first page. That way it looks more ‘alive’ than just plain text.

Also a contact page is very important and every website has them. I think about putting up an ‘About me’ page as well. Maybe I can link to this blog so people can read about my story with MLM.

It’s important to have a lot of articles on your website. This is one of the onsite optimization aspects. The bigger a website is the more value it has to Google. There for I have to add some kind of blog. This blog is like a diary for me and that’s also the reason why I think this is valuable to others. I don’t think this will be interesting to also put on a professional website. I was thinking of an article page instead of a blog for my new website. When I think of someone who will find my website, I think about what he or she would like to see there. I think it’s interesting to read about building your network marketing business. I don’t know what I’ll put on there but I was thinking about subjects like these: 

  • Building a website
  • Network Marketing & Internet Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Pro’s and con’s
  • MLM vs Pyramide
  • Search Engine Optimization 

These are some subjects that might be interesting. For each subject I can write several articles. For example for SEO I can write fifty articles If I have to.

Another thing that can convince people that Global Domains International or Rolution is a great business opportunity is testimonials. I know I find it interesting to read stories from other people instead of just the sales page on a website that wants you to sign to their business.

I’m also thinking about putting up a forum. I think it can be a great feature to talk to each other that way. People can help each other and the can also learn and share ideas and experiences. For now this is pretty much it. The guys over at Invendy agreed with me so let’s get it done.

Monday, July 9, 2012

The startbonus from Rolution

I got my first sign ups with Rolution and I have to say, the startbonus is great! I got four sign ups until now, all online. With the startbonus I’ve earned 4 x $ 15,- = $ 60,-. That’s right, I’ve earned more with Rolution than I did with Global Domains International in over four months. Does this make Rolution better, more powerful than GDI? No, I don’t think so because there’s also something I miss with Rolution.

The startbonus is great but I would love to see more support and and a way more professional look. Often I get questions about Rolution and that I don’t get about GDI. For example people ask me if Rolution is legitimate and if I can show some proof. Unfortunately I can’t show them an impressive downline or my first payment. Looking at the site I understand that people think it looks a bit suspicious.

I’ve contacted Rolution’s customer support and talked to someone who didn’t speak English. Well knew a couple of words but she was unable to answer my questions. To me that’s very unprofessional. When I have to answer the question if GDI or Rolution is the best business opportunity I’d say Rolution has the startbonus and that’s fantastic. But looking at the total picture I have to say GDI has a better presentation, reputation and it offers a lot more professional tools and support which is very important with network marketing.

What do you think? Startbonus vs Professionalism? Please contact me by using the contact page or Twitter.

Friday, July 6, 2012

The power of Linkwheels

I’ve talked about linkwheels a couple of times before. I’m writing about it in this post because it seems very important. Backlinks from linkwheels are very high quality and you can create them yourself for free.

The idea of a linkwheel is that you create pages with unique content about the subject you want a backlinks from. You can write the articles yourself and upload/copy them to the website. The first article you use is the center of the linkwheel. For example you can use This is website where you can write about all kinds of different subjects. In the text you can add your the link to your website. To create a nice page I’d recommend to add some pictures and maybe a video to the website.

Let’s say you put three pages around the first page. For example you can use, and On these pages you write an article as well but this time you put a backlink to the first page, the center of the linkwheel instead of to your website. this way the center of the linkwheel becomes more important and the backlink you get from there will be high quality. On those page you can also use pictures and a video to make the pages look ‘human’ or ‘handmade’. There’s software that creates a lot of pages at the same time. The articles will not be unique this way and the pictures and the video will be all over the place. So to make sure it all looks like people actually created it instead of a program make sure it all looks fantastic.

In the image below you can see an example of a linkwheel:

The kind of pages you can use for linkwheels are web 2.0 property sites, wiki sites or website to create your own free websites. These websites are also social media sites, you can follow and connect to others who write about the same or other relevant subjects. By joining others your pages and articles will be found easier and that’s good for your main site.

Your website needs one or five linkwheels in to dominate the competition. Remember, this is one of the most powerful SEO tools to get high in the rankings. You must have this and now you know how to do it yourself. I’m proud the share this information with you on this blog. Looking back this blog is starting to contain a lot of useful SEO information for everyone who wants to make money with their website.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

High quality vs low quality backlinks

With my new website on the way I’m trying to find out as much as possible about search engine optimization. The good news is that I think there’re a lot of possibilities to get backlinks to your website. The bad news is that I don’t know what kind of backlinks are the best.

Low quality

There’s a lot of software that you can purchase to create hundreds or thousands of backlinks in one day or spread over numerous days. Now this is an important difference. Search engines find it strange if a website gets one thousand backlinks in one day and I understand that. So if you’re using software like that you have to be careful.

I also read that Google is constantly changing to get better results. There for backlinks that are great one day can be worthless or maybe even dangerous for your website the other. That leads me to the conclusion that you should not focus on one kind of backlinks so that if Google changes it’s algorithms your website won’t drop in the rankings. I think it doesn’t matter if it are high or low quality backlinks but I think it’s important to mix it up. Of course I would go for more high quality than low quality backlinks.

High quality

Backlinks that are in a unique text under a relevant anchor are high quality backlinks. Also links from website that are high in Google already are very high quality. So getting backlinks from websites that are on the first page where you want your website to end up are fantastic. It’s hard to get these often but it’s worth the try.

One of the ways to get backlinks in a text under a relevant anchor is creating web 2.0 properties, wiki’s or blogs. You have to write a unique article and you can create the pages yourself for free. When you create more of these pages that link to each other they call it a linkwheel. In one of my next posts I’ll write about it because this seems to be a powerful method.

Like I said, I think you should focus on high quality links but to mix it up with low quality should be a problem. I think it’s also important to see what Google’s doing and to follow their updates. That way you know what you should or shouldn’t be doing.