Monday, August 20, 2012

Malware Attack

My site was attack a couple of days ago. I received a massage from Google that they detected malware on my website and that they blocked my website to protect others who are surfing the internet.

My first thought was, what the ***l is malware? Well it is some kind of virus that infects your website. When people visit the website their personal computers can get infected with viruses as well.

How did I get malware on my website? I don’t know. There’re a lot of reasons how malware can get on your website. First I asked the guys who build my website but they are more into SEO so they didn’t know what to do (still that sounds a bit strange but whatever). Then I search the internet for information on how to get my website clean again. To be honest, I didn’t understand a thing people were saying or what I was reading in articles. Then I came across Here I could scan my website for malware and it was free. It showed that indeed my website was infected and it was also blacklisted by Google. I learned that getting blacklisted isn’t a problem right away but if it happens to often or it takes too long to get your website clean again it could mean a decrease in the rankings. Now that’s the opposite of what I’m working on right now so I had to find a solution.

Sucuri asks $ 89,- to clean your website and after that you get free monitoring and if necessary cleaning for a year. Before ordering I looked on several forums to find out what people who knew what to do where asking. I found someone who could do it for $ 50,- but I didn’t know that person wel enough and when I came back I had to pay him again. I decided to go for Sucuri. Within several hours they contacted me that the problem was solved and that it would take less than 10 hours for Google to lift the block on my website. Also communication was great and can really recommend to others who are having these problems.

Like everything else I experience, I also share this with you and I hope it helps you in your process of building a work from home business.

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