Thursday, August 23, 2012

Knowledge is power

Like some of you already know I’m constantly looking for new information and new ways to expand my businesses online. With the recent discovery of the huge Rolution fraud I’m glad I didn’t put all my eggs in the same basket. For example Global Domains International is still running and therefor my website wasn’t built for nothing. My last post was about getting more YouTube views with TubeExposure. Getting more views is one thing but you can also make money with it when you don’t want to use the point to increase your own views but instead you can exchange them for money. Well, this feature worked for two months but they already pulled it. Why? They say because of people manipulating it but let’s be honest, it’s very easy to solve that problem and the reason is they were giving away too much money. My point here is that when you think you’ve found something to make money with, before you know it, it disappears. When you’ve put money into it that sucks.

I personally think that age is a very important thing when you’re looking for a way to make money online. GDI is almost 15 years around and still they’re doing great. Also searching the internet for experiences and reviews can be helpful.

Four months ago I came across a system called JustBeenPaid. Several forums I’m on have threads with like 50+ pages talking about JBP. I noticed that the experiences of the people who wrote about it where good. In fact they were all a bit skeptical in the beginning but they changed their opinions fast. I subscribed to JBP as well and I watched how my $ 10,- (free) turned into $ 15,- in 81 days. Interesting. Next thing I did was invest $ 100,- and I waited another 81 days.

Want to know how it ended? In my next blog I’ll try to explain what JBP is, how you can make money with it and how it’s different from GDI.

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