Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Let’s continue

Well, I gave it a thought and actually I’m ready to through in the towel for network marketing. The system doesn’t work the way people say it does. Sponsors don’t care about you and before you know it your spending a lot of money before you notice it’s all a lie. But my new website is just online and I have to keep in mind what my previous idea was with that. My plan was to create a website and try to get it on the first place in Google so that I’d get visitors who are looking for business opportunities on a daily basis. Those people are the people I want t have in my downline and also I don’t have to be telling people who aren’t looking for it every day. Everything I did until now has cost me over $ 3000,- and I’d really like to see that investment back. So let’s continue…

Let’s forget about the Rolution scam. From now on I’ll be focusing on search engine optimization to get my new website and maybe even this blog on the first page in the search engines. Also I’m going to look for other ways to make money online. This way I can start earning back my investment with more than one opportunity. I’ll be share my business opportunities with you on this blog. Do you have a way to make money online? Please share it with me and the other visitors of this blog.

My last posts have been not very positive but I’ll keep them on here. I feel like everybody has to know about scams like Rolution. Like I said before, this blog can be used as a guide to start your own network marketing business and to me it’s a diary.

Last thing I want to say is the fact that Rolution is still signing new members every day. I’m disgusted of the fact that all those people will be losing their money and get scammed like I did. How can we stop scammers like Rolution?!

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