Monday, May 21, 2012

Online guide to success with network marketing

Hello and welcome to my blog about network marketing. Why network marketing? Years ago I’ve worked with Forever Living Products, this was the first MLM company I ever worked with. In the beginning I was more than enthusiastic about the company. Why I looked at the earning system behind it I really thought I could get rich! After six months I quit. Why? To be honest I didn’t know how to expand my company. In the beginning I told about the business opportunity to all my friends, family, my neighbors, friends from friends and even people I didn’t know. I was under the impression that all those people would react to my story just like I did but they didn’t. Instead of being just as enthusiastic about it as me they we’re all like it’s a scam, don’t believe it and must of all don’t bother us with it. I was surprised and sometimes I got a little irritated about it as well. Why wouldn’t anyone listen to my story without judging it right away. And why where they all so skeptical about network marketing?

I started searching the internet and I found a lot of stories of people that where very successful with MLM. I started to think that when I wanted to attract new members for my company I would also spread around positive stories about my business opportunity. I looked up some articles about the other side of network marketing and I discovered that there are just as much negative stories than there are positive stories. I found people that were having the same problems as me and after six months I gave up.

Years after my first experience with network marketing I was looking for ways to make money online. The thought of having a source of income that’s up and running twenty four hours a day, seven days a week and also worldwide is very interesting. In my search I found a lot of different possibilities. I’ve tried some of them but I found out that making a lot of money with it was hard because of the poor compensation plans. That’s when I thought about my network marketing experience years back. With the power over online marketing I could reach out to people all around the world. That would solve my problem I had before of not knowing who to tell about the opportunity anymore.

I realized that I needed help to build my MLM company. I didn’t have that with FLP and that was one of the reasons I quit. This is the reason I’m starting this blog. I want to share my way to becoming successful with network marketing with others so that they can build their own companies as well. At this time I don’t know what opportunities are out there so the first thing I will do is find a company to work with. Soon I’ll give you an update on my search of a good company. After that I will use online marketing to build my company. I will share all my experiences with you so that you can use this blog as a guide to build your own network marketing business.

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