Tuesday, January 8, 2013

2013: The year of ProfitClinking

I’ve been trying to make money online fors ome years now and I have tob e honest, I havend made that much. Looking back at 2012 Global Domains International is a great opportunity and I’ve made some money wit hit. On the other hand I’ve lost money because Rolution turned out to be a scam. All time, energy and money I’ve put into Rolution was for nothing. Back in july I joined just been paid and by the end of august the website went black and the message showed up that just been paid turned into Profitclicking. There we go again, was the first thing that came to mind. I thought here is another money makning opportunity that disappears end again I loose my money, time end energy I’ve putinto this opportunity. But after more the one month the profitclicking website started to look like it was really turning into an even better website than just been paid. Also I started to follow blogs, social media pages and the conference room for information on what Profitclicking was doing.
Now that the year has ended and 2013 has just begun I’m convinced that Profitclicking will become fully operational in 2013. I also think Profitclicking will be much better than just been paid end i twill be here for the long run. Of course I sometimes doubt if they will get everything back on track just like people are saying in the conference room or on Facebook. I sometimes think about the money they have or maybe the money they don’t have. It would be a great explination for the time it takes to get everything up and running. Also the promotions like adding new money for 3 % makes me think they are looking for new money. But just like they are saying I think  we should think possitive and not panic. Let’s just wait and see how Profitclicking wil become the biggest and the best opportunity to make money online in 2013! For now I wish you all the best for 2013!

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