Sunday, June 3, 2012

Building my website

I’ve tried to build a Google Adwords Campagne for the replicate sites Global Domains International offers members but since a lot of people use these websites it’s not possible to advertise them. Google Adwords points out that the website address redirects user to another website. That’s true because it redirects to your specific user id page so that people who sign up with GDI sign to your team.

So before using Google Adwords I have to create a website. To be honest I forgot about this feature because I was focusing too much on signing my first members. It looks very easy. It’s an easy to use interface where you can add and move around pages. Also there are a lot of features and gadgets to use on the website like the income calculator, video’s and there are several templates to choose from. The only thing that takes some time is writing the content for the website.

I’ve watched some other websites to see how they are build and what kind of information is given. I’ve decided to create the following pages: 

  • Home
  • What is Global Domains International 
  • How can you make money? 
  • How to build your GDI business 
  • About me 
  • Contact 
Also I’ve made sure that on every page there’s a possibility to click a sign up button. You never know when someone decides to join the team. The first page will be about what people can find on the website. It will be an introduction to a network marketing business opportunity. Here it’s important to get people’s attention, they have to want to read more. On the second page I’ll write my elevator pitch. I have to describe what GDI is and how it works and I think I have to use 300 words maximum. On the third page I’ll explain further how people can make money, I’ll explain how the compensation plan works. Also I’ll add the income calculator widget so that people can find out for themselves how much they can make with GDI. Then I think it’s important to explain how to create a business. I’m experiencing now how to find new members. As you can see on this blog sometimes I have success but I’ve also done things that didn’t really help my business grow. The fifth page is about me. Here I’ll describe my motivation to work with GDI and I also write about this blog and tell people there is a lot of information on here that might be useful. They don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Last but not least I’ll add a contact page where people can ask me all kinds of questions. 

I don’t know if this is the right way to build a website but I have to start somewhere. In the meanwhile I’ll try to find out more about building a website so that I can make it better over time.

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