Sunday, June 10, 2012

Free advertisement

Using social media, forums, email marketing, video marketing, blogging or article marketing are all ways of free advertisement. Google Adwords, or Facebook adds are ways of paid advertisement. There’re also website that offer banners or text adds for free.

Ebay for example offers the possibility to buy and sell things online. You can also sell a service and therefor your MLM business opportunity. I’ve looked into this and I’ve discovered that there’re curtain rules. Often MLM is a banned topic. Why? I don’t know but it’s also the case when you want to use Wordpress to build a blog. Like we’ve seen earlier, network marketing has a bad image and therefor isn’t allowed everywhere.

When you go to Google in search for ‘free advertisement’ or ‘free advertise websites’ you’ll find lots of websites that offer this. The question is, how many people will see the adds? Google Adwords has a massive range. Until now my campaign is set on $ 4,- per day and my website has more than 200 hundred views a day. Not even half of those visitors are returning visitors so with $ 4,- a day and an average campaign you can get more than one hundred unique visitors a day. I think that’s impressive and I don’t know if this can be achieved with free ad sites.

I think you should use all methods. Just start using social media, start a blog, create a video channel, write a monthly newsletter and try to sign people to your email marketing system, use free and also paid ads. Just getting one sign up would be great, getting more is better but when you skip a marketing opportunity you will not sign that person. It’s all about synergy; all these actions together are more powerful than the one action on itself. Just like building a network of people who are working with network marketing you should build a network of marketing tools/possibilities. Daily millions of people search the web for all kinds of things. Make sure the people who are searching for business opportunities will find you.

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