Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Internet marketing

I’ve been searching the web for information on Google Adwords and how to build a proper website. The good news is that there is a lot of information but that’s also the bad news. It looks like internet marketing is a profession on itself. There are so many ways of promoting a website and also a lot of possibilities are free. I’ve made a list of things to promote my Global Domains International business and I’ll try them one by one. When I think it’s a possible way to promote my business I’ll share it. Soon I’ll make a list of things you can use to promote your own network marketing business.

Google Adwords is great. You can start right away and you see results immediately. However it’s not free. Now my campaign is running with a maximum of 5 dollars a day. When I increase that I’ll have more visitors and my company can grow faster. At this time I don’t know if my website is the way it should be and I’d like to see how many people will sign up this month. Also I want to see how those people will do, building their own businesses. I’d like to learn from them as well. For now I not going to invest more than the one hundred dollars I’ve invested in the Google Adwords campaign. When my credit is used I’ll see what I’ll do next. I’m not making money with GDI yet so I have to see how much I can invest and how much I’ll be making.

While the campaign is running I can focus on different things like the other promotional options I’ve found on the internet. This week I want to join two or three forums where I can talk and share ideas with others who are also having a network marketing business. Maybe I can work with those people and maybe they want to join my company. That would be great because those people are probably exactly the people I want to have in my downline.

I think that there are a lot of possibilities with internet marketing and I’m going to figure out what those are. In my next posts I’ll try to write about a new way to tell others about you’re business opportunity. To give you an impression of what’s coming here are some possibilities:

  • Video marketing (YouTube) 
  • Forums 
  • Email marketing 
  • Social Media (Twitter, Facebook) 
  • Free advertising

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