Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Video marketing

One of the ways to promote your network marketing business is video marketing. Video marketing is free. For example you make an instruction video about how to sign up with Global Domains International and you upload it to YouTube, DailyMotion and/or to Vimeo. When people are looking for ways to earn money online they can find your video.

How does it work?

Is making a video hard? Well that depends on what kind of a video you want to make. With windows video maker you can easily edit a video. Just collect some pictures, a music theme and you can add some text in between. This maybe sounds lame but you can really make a great video with just that. Image the video about how to sign up with GDI. In the first shot you use a text like ‘How to sign up with GDI’. Then you add the picture (a print screen) of the page people will see when they sign up. Than you add the text ‘fill in the form’. The people go to the next page, just show the picture of this page in the video. Do you get the picture? With windows movie maker you can make a great step by step video of how to do something.

Building a Channel 

 After you’ve made a couple of videos you can upload them all to YouTube (or one of the other video websites). When you have more than one video you can create a channel. For example you can create a network marketing, Global Domains International or a MLM channel. That way you’ll get more visitors because you channel contains more videos about different subjects. With videos it works the same as with webpages, you can add keywords so that people will find your videos when they search the web. When your videos are interesting and people return or more people will watch the videos you’re video or channel gets higher in the search results in Google and YouTube.

Did you know..? 

Did you know that after Google, YouTube is most used search engine in the world? That’s why you shouldn’t just focus on your website but also on video marketing. Also YouTube is a social network. You can become friends with other users. That way your videos can be found easier as well, because there are more ways to get to them. Your videos also climb the rankings because not only views count for the value of a video but also the network it’s in.

Thinking about using video marketing for your network marketing business but you don’t know where to make a video about? Take a look at the GDI video channel on the right and get some ideas to make a useful video.

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