Monday, June 11, 2012

Rolution is the solution

We’ve explained how Global Domains International works. On this blog about building your own network marketing we’ve also explained how you can promote your business online. The product of GDI is perfect for online promotion because it’s in fact an internet product, the .ws domain name. In our search for ways to promote a network marketing business and also in our search for ways to use internet marketing to as a marketing tool we’ve came across Rolution. Their slogan is Rolution is the Solution. We think it’s interesting because it looks a lot like GDI and the product is also great to promote online. We’re thinking of joining Rolution as well because it’s so much the same. The things we do for GDI can also be done for Rolutoin.

About Rolution

Rolution is also a network marketing company that offers the same business opportunity as GDI. Also the compensation plan looks the same but Rolution has something else. For every member you sign you get $15,- start bonus. That means that if you sign 10 people you already earn $ 150,- for just signing them. Once people are a member of your business you receive $1,- per person per month just like with GDI. Not only the people you directly sign but also for the people others in your downline sign you receive $ 1,- a month. To refresh your memory, when you and all the people in your downline find five people to join their business you get $ 3125,- every month. It’s the power of duplication all over again.

The product 

Rolution offers a different product than GDI. Rolution has ‘The Vault’. This is an online storage space similar to Dropbox. You can use it to save and/or open files everywhere you are. You can upload 5GB total. This is also a product that is fantastic for selling online. No need to give parties at home to explain people how to use a product or how the product is all good for them. Just create a sales page and use the same techniques to promote your business as you’re already doing for GDI.

Rolution promotion tools

Rolution also offers the possibility to register a domain name, build a website with a website builder and use free ad sites, sales pages, videos’s etc. The back office gives you the opportunity to talk to your upline and your downline, contact a helpdesk and to set your personal preferences. Using those tools in combination with the marketing tools and the online marketing strategies described on this blog should help you build your Rolution business.

From now on I’m working with two MLM companies. The main reason for that is that I think both companies are the same in many ways. Everything I do for GDI can also be done for Rolution so why not double up my income.

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