Saturday, June 9, 2012

Social Media

I think using social media can be a powerful marketing tool. Looking at my own social media profile I have more than 400 friends on Facebook. Spreading information or the link to my website can reach all those people at once. I haven’t did this yet because I want to make sure my website is finished first. I can also spread a link to this blog on Facebook. It’s getting pretty big now and I think it contains a lot of interesting and useful information. What kind of social media is there and how can you use it?


One of the biggest and well known social media networks is Facebook. There are several ways to use Facebook for your network marketing business. First you can share information about your business opportunity. People will see the information and that way they might get interested as well. When they like your information they can ‘Like’ your post and that way hundreds of other people in their network will see the information as well.

Another way of using Facebook to promote your business opportunity is by creating a business page. This is like a website but in Facebook. Here you can write everything about your network marketing opportunity and of course you can put your affiliate link on the page so that people can sign up with your business when they’re interested. Videos can added as well and of course people can ‘Like’ or join the page. This can be a powerful tool to create a network.

Facebook also offers the possibility to advertise. Just like Google Adwords you can use paid advertisement to promote your MLM business. With Facebook you can target your campaign very specific. You can select areas, gender, age and time for example. Do you think men in Peru in the age of 28 to 40 are the best people to have in your downline? With Facebook you can create a campaign only for those people.


Another well-known social network is Twitter. Twitter is different from Facebook. On Twitter you can start mini blogging about a subject and you can start following others who are writing about the same thing. They can follow you back as well. When you write about a subject others who are looking for information about that subject can find you and start following you on Twitter. It’s a kind of search engine. When you’re active on Twitter people will find you and join you. When you write about interesting information people will follow you. Remember, there has to be a reason to follow you, write about interesting things and share useful links as well.


LinkedIn is a business social network. Here you can also create a profile and you can connect to other professionals. For example it could be interesting to connect with someone who’s specialized in search engine optimization, internet marketing, web design or network marketing. You can also find interesting information on Twitter, participate in discussions or share you own information about you network marketing business.

Other social media 

These three social networks have a lot of users and offer great opportunities to build a network and to spread information about your own business opportunity. Using these social networks can be described as social network marketing. There are a lot more social networks like Google+, Orkut and Myspace. Google+ is the answer of Google to all social network success. They integrate all their services into the social network. In the future it can become an interesting network but for now most people are with Facebook and Twitter so that’s where you should focus as well.

Not everyone knows this but YouTube and Blogger for example are social networks as well. Sharing videos or articles is also a way of social networking and you can join others as well. There are a lot of other video websites and blog website to use as a social network. Flicker is a social network as well where you can share pictures. Recently Pinterest and Instagram are becoming more popular and are growing every day. You never know which social network will be the biggest and most popular in five years.

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