Thursday, June 7, 2012

Join a Forum

I’ve talked about using forums before on this blog and since then I’ve signed to three forums. The first forum I’ve signed to was the Global Domains International forum. When you’re a member you can use this forum to talk to other GDI affiliates. There are several topics on how to expand your business. After a couple of days I’ve noticed that there is not a lot of activity on this forum. I’ll keep checking it because I think it’s interesting because a lot of GDI members are there.

The second forum I’ve joined was the scam forum. I joined that in the time I was looking for a network marketing opportunity. There’s a lot of activity on the forum and the information is different than the information you’ll find on the websites about the MLM opportunity. The forum is all about internet scams so the information is about bad experiences. I joined the forum because I wanted to see what people are saying about MLM and GDI in particular. I have to say, reading that kind of information doesn’t motivate you but you can also learn from it. For example people write a lot about joining a network marketing company and leaving it within two or three months. After that they describe their experiences and how you should never join a MLM company. When I see that I’m thinking, what did you actually do to build your company. It’s a bit cliché but I’m thinking: ‘Winners don’t quit and quiters don’t win’. I’ve learn on this forum that a lot of people think you can get rich with MLM the easy way. Also there are a lot of serious warnings on which MLM companies not to join. People describe how they paid their monthly contribution and by the time they earned some money they never got it.

The last forum I’ve Joined recently is Wickedfire. This is a forum about search engine optimization and internet marketing. I thought it would be interesting since I’ve discovered that there’re so many other ways to promote your business. Here they have a Sell, Buy and trade section where you can buy services to optimize your website. I’m figuring out how to make my own GDI website better and how to get more visitors. That´s why I joined this forum.

When you join a forum you can learn a lot. Also people are willing to help you. On most forums it’s possible to use a signature. That way every post you write contains a signature with a link to you website or blog. That way you can use those forums as a marketing tool as well.

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