Monday, June 4, 2012

My first visitors

This is fun, I’ve finished my website and I’ve started a Google Adwords campaign. The first day I already had over thirty visitors. I have to say Google Adwords looks easier than you think. For now I’ve created a campaign but I don’t know for sure if I did it the right way.

The first thing you need to do is create a Google account. I already had one so that was easy. Than you need to set up a campaign name and then you can create several advertisements with different titles, texts and keywords. I think that’s the hard thing to do. No I used my imagination to come up with words people will use who are interested in a network marketing business opportunity. I check my campaign every day and I can see how some words get clicked on often and others get clicked on less often. Also you can see how much it costs when people click your ad. That way I’m trying to optimize my campaign to get as much clicks (visitors) as possible for less money.

Now my website is visited thirty times every day. How much subscriptions do I have? Now that’s an interesting question. I have two ‘missed sign ups’ a day. That means people start filling in the form but don’t complete their subscription one hundred percent. I think I know why. Somewhere GDI asks for your credit card information. I don’t think everyone has a credit card. Although the first seven days are a free trail GDI needs your credit card details for the first payment once you decide to become a member. I haven’t figured out how to fix this problem but of course I will look in to it and I’ll write about it when I can tell you more.

Now that I’m getting visitors, I’m getting subscriptions as well. The first subscriptions have been ‘missed sign ups’ but maybe they’ll return. If they don’t new customers will sing up. Now I think I need to focus on optimizing my website and my Google Adwords Campaign. That way I can get more customers to my website and once they’re on my website I can make sure they sign up by making my website bigger, better and more attractive to visitors. My website must convince them to sign up, I can’t tell them that in person but I can try to create a good sales page.

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