Friday, June 8, 2012

Email marketing

Another way of promoting your MLM business is email marketing. When you have a website you can make people sign up for a newsletter. That way you can keep in contact with members and/or prospects. There’re different ways to make visitor sign up for email marketing. Some websites offer the possibility to sign up somewhere on their website. Visitors just have to give their email and then there subscribed to the newsletter. Sometimes an email activation is required to prevent unwanted sign ups or other spam.

Why should you sign up for a newsletter? There has to be a reason for people to join your email marketing system. This can be one of the following reasons:

  • Interesting news
  • A guide to success
  • Free promotional tools
  • A step by step plan to build a website
  • An Internet marketing newsletter 

These are some examples of subjects that you can use in a newsletter which could be interesting for people who visit your website. of course you have to write a weekly or monthly newsletter but if that gets you more visitors or at least more contact with others about your network marketing opportunity it’s worth the investment/time.

I’m not using email marketing yet but now that I know maybe I’ll write a monthly newsletter. I think this can be great to help your members. Every month you can write about a different topic on how to build your GDI network, a new marketing strategy, how to support your downline or the newest network marketing trends.

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