Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Profitclicking is getting better and better

For more than a month Profitclicking is migrating the old JustBeenPaid accounts now and they’re also adding new features to the site every week. The old JBP positions a making $ 0,10 a day now. I know, it’s not the $ 0,20 we’ve been waiting and hoping for but we’re earning again. I don’t know if the old positions will eventually make $ 15,- but we’ll see. New positions are making $ 0,20. I’ve bought some new positions but also I’m wondering about the restart. When will that take place? Nobody knows but I think I will be buying some new positions and then I’ll wait for a while so that when a restart occurs I have a lot of money to buy a lot of new positions right after the restart.

Not only are we all earning again with Profitclicking but the training area is functional, you can make withdraws and the helpdesk is fully operational. Every week some new features come up and it really looks like Profitclicking is getting better and better. Like I said in a previous post, Profitclicking is here to stay.

Another cool new feature they’ve just launched is the possibility to view more than 3 websites a day and to save some for another day. That way you don’t have to view 3 websites every day. Sometimes you just can’t view them but now that doesn’t matter, you’ll still get paid because you can view the websites in advance.

Overall I’m happy to see all the fantastic new features and I have the confidence that Profitclicking will be even better than JustBeenPaid. I know it’s taking some time to complete everything and to have everything fully functional but I’m convinced it will be worth the wait.

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