Monday, September 24, 2012

Make money online September 2012

I started this blog because I wanted to share my experiences with making money online. Now I’m still sharing my experiences with you but something has changed. When I started I was convinced network marketing was one the most powerful ways to make serious money online and I still do. But I my journey I discovered more ways to make money but also I had to experience that I can lose money. Rolution turned out to be a scam and I lost my invested money. Recently I discovered JustBeenPaid, now Profitclicking. For a lot of people the hardest thing about network marketing but also the core business is finding new members to expand your business. With Profitclicking that not necessary. You can buy your positions, click the three ads a day and earn 2 % every day. No selling, no referring. MLM is powerfull but Profitclicking is way more powerful if you ask me. It’s never been this easy.

When I’ll continue my search for ways to make money online I’ll find more and more awesome ways to make money (on autopilot). I really hope I can write an article about how to become less bored because I’m really making money on the internet. There have been enough moments where I thought let’s quit this internet marketing thing. Until now I’ve learned a lot and I think this blog is becoming not only huge but It contains very interesting information. Like I predicted, it’s becoming a diary about making online money.

I’d like to thank everyone for reading the blog and I hope it helps you to make the right choices. I’ll continue writing about my experience. My next post will most definitely be about Profitclicking. I’ll hope it’ll be about the old JBP positions being reactivated.

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