Wednesday, September 5, 2012 is almost ready

For those of you that don’t know, Frederick Mann has retired. For many of us Frederick Mann was the power and the thrust we had in JustBeenPaid so it’s a bit disappointing to hear he isn’t involved anymore. As for now it’s unknown who will be taking his place or who will be running ProfitClicking. One thing is for sure, his vision will be behind the new website as well and the executive team has your best interest at heart.

It is true that only 2 % of the people who try to make money online actually succeed in it. Just like JustBeenPaid, ProfitClicking says they’re here for the 98 % so that everybody can make money online.

Most of you have already migrated their JustBeenPaid account with their new ProfitClicking account. Like the website updates tell us the numbers you see aren’t right. Don’t freak out, just wait until the total migration process is finished. (my account for example shows a negative number currently in my account, of course that’s not right)

I think we’re all excited and a little bit scared but they ask for our patience and they updates us frequently so we have to hold on and wait for a little longer.

DO you have information that isn’t from the ProfitClicking website but looks real and interesting? Please share it with us, I’d be happy to post it on my blog.

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