Thursday, September 20, 2012

Think positive!

Thant’s what everyone at Profitclicking is saying for days now. Should we be worried? Will all JBP members continue to earn with Profitclicking? And will everything be the same?

First of all I want you to know I’m in the conference room daily and also on the Facebook Profitclicking page as well as my Profitclicking Dashboard to read all announcements. Al the information given comes to me, I can guarantee you that. Something the caught my attention was the fact that Profitclicking is giving updates almost on a daily bases. Still people in the conference room and Facebook page ask the same questions over and over.

I can understand what people are thinking and why they’re worried but I can also understand the Profitclicking team for working really hard and also informing us. Let’s be honest, it’s taking some time now but every two or three days something is happing with the website. they are actually working on it and they’re making progress. As long as that’s the case I’ll keep following what’s going on and I’m hoping they’ll be finished as soon as possible.

Of course we all want to know if and when our JBP positions will start running again so that we can earn money again. Also the numbers in our dashboards go up and down witch causes confusion. Right now, September 20th they’ve announced that within 48 hours we’ll start earning from the old JBP positions again! That’s great news but for now it says that we will earn $ 10,- instead of $ 20,- per day per position. That means you only earn let’s say 75 % instead of 150 %. Now we know JBP and I still have confidence in Profitclicking. In fact I’m convinced that Profitclicking will be here to stay! As for the old positions I think it will all work out just fine. Let’s just wait and see what happens in the next 48 hours. They haven’t announced it officially yet so we’ll see.

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