Sunday, October 14, 2012

Never use duplicate content!

I’ve mentioned it before and now I tell you again, never, NEVER use duplicate content! All the ways of creating backlinks to your website using articles are worthless if you just copy the text from existing websites.

First of all, the rule is if getting a backlink is easy, it’s not high quality. Getting a backlink by copying articles from other websites is very easy and therefor the quality of the Web 2.0 or the article marketing you do will be low. No matter how big the articles are or even if you use two or three articles together as one article, Google will know. Every day the internet grows and Google is indexing all that new content every day as well. When it finds new content it also registers when they found it. When they find the same content again and but this time it’s added later than the original it means it’s a copy. For that Google punishes the website with the duplicated content.

So never use duplicate content for your own website but also don’t waste your time on creating articles for Web 2.0’s or article marketing by copying text from other websites. The worst that can happen is that your website gets ‘sandbagged’. This means your website drops or even disappears in the search engine results pages. And when that happens you won’t have any customers anymore and no money as well.

The reason I’m posting about this is that I want to help you climb the search engine result pages and I want to help you get to the first page as well. Using massive low quality link building, automated linkbuilding or duplicate content will make your website disappear. And that’s the opposite of what I want for you. On last tip to make sure Google doesn’t drop your page instead of showing it on the first page is: ‘don’t build to many links in one time. For example the list of Web 2.0 websites and the list of article marketing website I gave you in previous posts will give you a lot of high quality backlinks. Whne you build those all in one day there’s a change Google will look at it as ‘unnatural linkbuilding’. So try to spread the linkbuilding over a couple of days, for example build 5 backlinks per day. We want to build high quality backlinks but with SEO it’s also important to not overdo it.

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