Friday, October 5, 2012

The 98 % solution

The slogan of Profitclicking is: the 98 % solution. It’s just a slogan right? Yes it is but to me it’s exactly what I’ve experienced since I’ve started to make money online. Actually I haven’t made that much. I feel like I am a part of that 98 % that tries but doesn’t succeed. Statistically only 2 % of the online marketers make some decent money.

For one every opportunity out there promises you’ll get rich fast and easy. Well I know by now that’s not the case. Then there’s the thing called SEO. When you’re getting serious with earning money online you probably have one or a few websites. That’s the way to build a steady income online. But how do you get a lot of visitors to that websites so that you can make a lot of money? Exactly, with SEO. But what works today doesn’t necessarily work next month. Google is changing the algorithms fast. SEO becomes a fulltime job before you know it. Online marketing is not easy money although that’s what it sounds like to a lot of people.

For me Profitclicking is really something else. The don’t make false promises. Even though sometimes it sounds too good to be true you’ll find out soon enough that it’s really what you’re getting. I can say, hands down, stop looking for other ways to make money, join Profitclicking and become a part of the 2 % that actually make money online.

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