Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Frederick Mann Speaks, Profit Clicking Interview

Thursday October 4th, Just Been Paid founder Frederick Mann was in the Live Conference Call and spoke some inspirational words. For those of you don’t know Frederick Mann, he was the owner of Just Been Paid, now Profit Clicking. He has a well know reputation and he was one of the reasons why a lot of people believed Just Been Paid wasn’t just another HYP that would disappear on day. Now that Just Been Paid migrated into Profit Clicking, Frederick Mann announced shortly after that he would no longer be involved as he was involved before. In this interview he explained what he does now and he gave his look on the future of Profit Clicking. Here is a summary of what was said in the interview.

“I retired from Just Been Paid but I’m still involved with Profit Clicking, now on a consulting basis. I help to make the transaction done smoothly. All the features that where once on Just Been Paid are also available on Profit Clicking and much more”.

“Profit Clicking is in good hands, it’s possible that Profit Clicking will become much more successful than Just Been Paid”.

“I’m involved in developing curtain products and services that will provide additional income streams”.

These are some of the things Frederick Mann had to say and it was good to hear him say it. It gave a lot of people the confidence that Profit Clicking is a better version of Just Been Paid and that our patience will be rewarded with an even better system.

Meanwhile the Profit Clicking Alexa ranking broke the 600 mark. Also in social media you can see an explosive rise in popularity. The website is getting closer to being finished and fully operational and the popularity of Profit Clicking is growing every day. Are you excited about the new developments? I know I am!

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