Thursday, December 27, 2012

Profitclicking DSP up and running within 48 hours

It looks like ProfitClicking is getting their system on track. The last ten days the daily sales profits have been running every 48 hours. Just two days and new commisions are coming in! There’re where some problems with the last profitshift but it looks like they’ve almost resolved those. People where worried that ProfitClicking was on track to become the next HYIP that would leave their members without anything but still a lot is happening at ProfitClicking headquarters. For example the training center is up and running and also a nice new feature has just been launched that offers the possibility to get a tekst message on your cell phone when you’ve received new earnings. Now that’s fun to get a tekst message every day telling you you’ve got money!
Now that the daily sales profits are up and running (every 48 hours, soon i twill be every 24 hours again) there’s still one more thing the members are waiting for. The ad packages that where conferted will turn into ad panels (4 ad packs = 1 ad panel). Every ad panel will give you another $ 60,-. Untill now the ad panels are not yet active. The ad panels are another big feature to get even more money with ProfitClicking.
Why is it taking so long for Profitclicking to get everything up and running? I don’t know, no one knows. When they give an update they often anounce a lot of things but unfortunately not those things we all want to know. Personally I’ve accepted the fact that things are taking long fort hem to get the program 100 % functional because I can see that there’re things changing so they’re actually doing something. Now that the daily sales profits are running again I’m confident that we can expect the ad panels tob e running again in the first quarter of 2013.

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