Friday, December 14, 2012

Backlinks from blog comments

Placing comment on blogs offers you a possibility to also leave your website URL behind but there are some things you need to know about blog comments.

Automated blog comments

Like I mentioned before, getting backlinks the easy way means the backlinks you´re getting are worthless. Of course the same goes for blog comments. There´s a lot of software that helps you find relevant blogs and also helps you to make a lot of comments all in one time. One of those programs is Scrapebox. The program itself works great, it has a lot of features and it really does what it says it does. The problem these days is that Google knows what kind of comments are auto generated and also which blogs are relevant or are just there to get backlinks from. That way it´s hard to make sure what kind of backlinks you´re getting. You may think you´re getting a lot of good quality and relevant links but in fact you´re getting all links from spam blogs and your comments are duplicated content. Unfortunately software like Scrapebox won´t help your rankings anymore (even though a lot of people will disagree with me on this).

The way you should use blog commenting

Imagine your website is on the fourth page in the search engine result page for a keyword you want to be found on. When you take a look at the websites above your website, you should look if these websites have a blog or article section. If they do you can try to make a comment. Try to really read the article first and try to make a relevant comment so that the website owner leaves your comment there because it actually contributes to his or her website/post. When you post a comment most of the time you can leave your name (try to use the keyword you prefer), email and your website. Once you comment gets approved your website becomes a backlink and often the name is used as the anchor.

When you try to get comments on the website that are high in the search results you get backlinks from pages that have a high ranking in the niche you want to be on the first page for. Personally I believe blog comments are a good way to mix up your backlinks and to get backlinks from relevant websites in the same niche. Using just blog comments I don’t think will do the job, there simply not very high quality on their own.

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